If you enjoy anime and strive to live a virtuous life, then these 90 JoJo quotes are ideal for adding wisdom to your life.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an epic manga series, having first appeared in the 1980s. The story is about the adventure of the Joestar family members with superhuman abilities, who share the nickname “JoJo.” This anime has eight ongoing series, five of which are already animated.

In this life full of adversities, keeping your morality is a challenge. Life will always throw you a lot of trials to test your faith.

Because of that, we’ve collected these quotes to help you become a decent and dignified man even in the face of adversity.  

Let’s go!

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Best JoJo Quotes

1. “I won’t allow your bones to stay on this planet. I will banish your evil soul.” – Jonathan Joestar 

2. “Impossible? We did a lot of impossible things on this journey. I’m tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. Those words mean nothing to us.” – Jotaro Kujo 

3. “Shoot me if you want to! But you better be prepared to face the consequences. The moment you try to pull that trigger, I’ll snap your fingers in half like matchsticks!” – Joseph Joestar

4. “You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can’t pay back what you owe with money.” – Jotaro Kujo 

5. “Dio, I don’t understand why you’re so loyal to him. Are you honestly telling me that you’d die for him?” – Jotaro Kujo 

6. “The more you mess with me, the harder it gets for you! Never forget that!” – Jotaro Kujo

7. “Perhaps. Perhaps the time he foretold has come. If this is my destiny, I accept it.” – Will Anthonio Zeppeli 

8. “I—I can’t lay a finger on him. If I lose now, I’ll spend the rest of my life cowering under Dio’s shadow. But more importantly, I have to fight—I have to defend Erina’s honor!” – Jonathan Joestar

9. “What is ‘Courage?’ Courage is owning your fear!” – Will Anthonio Zepelli

10. “I’m willing to see our transaction through. Are you, sir? I’m fighting to protect my family from those that wish it harm. I doubt very much that your resolve is equal to mine.” – Jonathan Joestar 

11. “Guess who survived his time in hell, Dio.” – Jonathan Joestar

12. “JoJo, being a human means having limits. I’ve learned something. The more carefully you scheme, the more unexpected events come along, as long as you’re human. I reject my humanity, JoJo!” – Dio Brando 

13. “Good grief, don’t underestimate me just because I’m a kid.” – Jotaro Kujo 

14. “Ask for forgiveness from Enya—the woman you killed. But as for me, I never had the slightest intention of forgiving you.” – Jotaro Kujo  

15. “Just shut up already. I have nothing more to say to you. You’re way too pathetic—I’m done wasting my breath.” – Jotaro Kujo

Famous JoJo Quotes

16. “Leave me alone! Go away! I didn’t attack them for your sake! I want to be a true gentleman! You were a damsel in distress. A true gentleman needs to be brave enough to go into a fight he knows he’ll lose. But one day, I’ll be strong enough to win.” – Jonathan Joestar

17. “Hold it! I still have the right to raise—I raise you my mother’s soul.” – Jotaro Kujo  

18. “Are you really trying to shoot me? I like you. At the moment you tried to kill me, you weren’t sweating, and your breathing was even. You were absolutely calm, as I’d expect from Hol Horse.” – Dio Brando

19. “You’re ugly and disgusting. You drove mother to an early death. You’re the worst father ever! You want me to be rich? Oh, yes, and I will use any means necessary for that—starting with this Joestar family! Trash! No one will bring me down.” – Dio Brando

20. “My name is Jonathan Joestar of the Joestar family! Please call me JoJo.” – Jonathan Joestar

21. “The way I see it, if I make you well again, and then kick your ass, I won’t be ‘bullying the weak’ then, now will I ?” – Josuke Joestar

22. “This ends here! You will not leave this place alive!” – Jonathan Joestar

23. “I covered you with gasoline so I can track your smell. I feel bad, kicking a guy when he’s down, but nah, I don’t feel bad about this at all. My friends and a lot of bystanders are dead because of you.” – Jotaro Kujo

24. “It appears that your wounds are not fatal. You have my sympathy.” – Jotaro Kujo

25. “That reason is as compelling as rat shit in the bathroom, and it will be your demise.” – Dio Brando

26. “And that’s why I turned one of your pistols into a banana. It’s your last meal. Take your time—enjoy it.” – Giorno Giovanna 

27. “Your disappointing performance only fuels my anger!” – Jotaro Kujo

28. “Go out there and take this useless world for all you can get.” – Dio Brando

29. “No. People are entitled to their opinions. But this misbegotten oaf has given insult to our friend! Be mindful of the other guests, now, but teach him a lesson!” – Erina Pendleton

30. “You are such a thoughtful boy, JoJo.” – Erina Pendleton

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JoJo Quotes to Inspire You

31. “How my heart resonates! I’m pulsing with heat and life! My very blood is a symphony within me!” – Jonathan Joestar

32. “JoJo, hubris has led me to this end. This fall from grace has taught me a valuable lesson. However, one may scheme or assemble, my downfall tonight is part of the human condition. A condition that I now forsake. You fools, I am about to become so much more!” – Dio Brando

33. “Jonathan Joestar passed away into undeserved oblivion. His life was an important part of history, but invisible to ordinary people. Most of humanity, for who he sacrificed, will never know of his noble accomplishments. But his descendants will. The life within me, newly created by Jonathan and I, will certainly hear his story.” – Erina Pendleton

34. “Evil is when you use the weak for your own gain and crush them under your foot.” – Jotaro Kujo

35. “There are times, even when his opponent is bigger than he is and he knows he’s going to lose!” – Jonathan Joestar

36. “You’re goddamn right! Everything worked out according to the plan—from the very beginning!” – Joseph Joestar

37. “The ultimate being embodies the powers of each and every living thing, all lives gather as one, and how beautiful it shines! Truly the most wonderful thing I have ever beheld. I have finally, finally tamed the sun!” – Kars

38. “I plan on defeating your boss and taking over this city. In order to get rid of gangsters that sell drugs to children, I’m going to have to become a gangster myself.” – Giorno Giovanna

39. “Koichi, you truly are a reliable guy.” – Jotaro Kujo

40. “A road is something that you make yourself.” – Jotaro Kujo

JoJo Quotes on Morality and Principles

41. “What? The loser is evil? Well, in that case, you’re the evil one after all! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora! The one who’ll be the judge is my stand!” – Jotaro Kujo

42. “You’ve got to say something more like this before you get revenge. My name is Jean-Pierre Polnareff. For my sister’s honor, and so that my friend Avdol can rest in peace. I’m going to hurl you into the depths of despair!” – Jean-Pierre

43. ”No matter how you look at it, I look like a normal high school student, so why would you ask me to help?“ – Josuke Joestar

44. “Luca, don’t make me say the same thing twice. I’ve told you that I already paid, so I don’t have any. So please don’t make me say it a third time.” – Giorno Giovanna

Memorable JoJo Quotes That’ll Make You Watch It Again

45. “Silver arm metal overdrive!” – Jonathan Joestar

46. “Sunlight yellow overdrive!” – Jonathan Joestar

47. “Your stunning display of weakness has left me speechless!” – Jotaro Kujo

48. “The blanket of death will cover you with its dark warmth!” – Jotaro Kujo

49. “To persist in your ways is to guarantee your death.” – Jotaro Kujo

50. “My fourth wish, that is, to not listen to your wishes. Magician’s Red won’t forgive you. Not happening.” – Muhammad

51. “What the hell did you say about my hair? I will not forgive anyone who insults my hair, no matter who he is! Did you just say my hair looks like Sazae-san’s?” – Josuke Joestar

52. “Well, my arms are folded and my eyes are closed, this is a victory laugh, Esidisi. You lost today because you snoozed for 2000 years.” – Joseph Joestar

53. “Nice watch. Too bad you won’t be able to tell the time after I break it. Break your face, that is.” – Jotaro Kujo

54. “Good grief, now that I can see it up close, your watch looks rubbish. But you won’t have to worry about that. After all, I’m about to make it look even worse. Your face, that is.” – Jotaro Kujo

55. “My heart resonates heat enough to burn. My blood is razor-sharp!” – Jonathan Joestar

56. “The last thing I need right now is listening to trash like you, let alone being touched by you. But if you want to embrace me, feel free to try—as long as you don’t mind a painful demise.” – Lisa Lisa

57. “I don’t want evil from half a century to take you.” – Erina Pendleton

58. “Father, rest in peace. Let the smoke guide your soul to heaven. But I ask you for a final favor—let the flames burn with your strength.” – Jonathan Joestar

59. “Walking on the water when you obviously lack proper training is quite an accomplishment. However, if you truly wish to master Hamon in a month, you must be prepared to die for it!” – Lisa Lisa

60. “Well, if I’m gonna be sitting around for 30 minutes, I’ve got nothing better to do. Best place to wait is right in front of Lisa Lisa’s door. And if my eye just happens to wander near the keyhole—nice.” – Joseph Joestar

Iconic JoJo Quotes and One-Liners

61. “I don’t let anyone swagger over me!” – Dio Brando

62. “Shut up! Get outta my face.” – Jotaro Kujo

63. “It was me—Dio!” – Dio Brando

64. “I’ll make you cry like a baby, Dio!” – Jonathan Joestar

65. “Ora! Ora! Ora!” – Jotaro Kujo

66. “Oh? You’re approaching me?” – Dio Brando

67. “What are you doing? Unforgivable!” – Jonathan Joestar

68. “I’ve always cherished you.” – Jotaro Kujo

69. “Ora! Here’s your receipt.” – Jotaro Kujo

70. “Even Speedwagon is afraid!” – Jonathan Joestar

71. “Goodbye, JoJo!” – Dio Brando

72. “Yare yare daze.” – Jotaro Kujo

73. “Road roller Da!” – Dio Brando

74. “I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!” – Giorno Giovanna

75. “I have to move closer if I want to beat your sorry ass to a pulp.” – Jotaro Kujo

Funny Jojo Quotes

76. “Don’t ‘Is something wrong’ me! Th-the toilet! The—toilet! There’s a pig sticking its head out of it!” – Jean-Pierre Polnareff

77. “Gah! Oh no! I can’t believe this! What the hell was that woman thinking! Wait!” – Joseph Joestar

78. “Let us keep moving. Apparently, the human race has regressed rather than evolved.” – Kars 

79. “Suzie Q, what the hell! You had one job, woman! One job!” – Joseph Joestar

80. “That’s curious. Help me understand, why would you do something like that? It’s just such an unsavory thing to do.” – Joseph Joestar

81. “He’s trying to spook us.” – Stroheim

82. “Let me guess, you’re gonna say, ‘Did you plan this too, JoJo?’ Tell me.” – Joseph Joestar

83. Holly: “Jotaro! Jotaro! Jotaro!”

Jotaro Kujo: “Shut up! Get out of my face, you bitch!”

Holly: “Okay!”

84.“Hey! How dare you address your mother that way? And what kind of language is that!” – Joseph Joestar

85. Joseph Joestar: “Holly!”

Holly: “Did I hear something?”

Joseph Joestar: “Gyaaahhh!”

86. Joseph Joestar: “Hey, Jotaro. This will be my third crash landing. Heh, have you ever known anyone who’s ever crash-landed a plane three times in their life?”

Jotaro Kujo: “I’m never flying with you again.”

87. “Eagh! Those tentacles are so gross, I can’t even look at ’em!” – Joseph Joestar

88. Kakyoin: “It’s like his emotions change on a dime.”

Joseph Joestar: “More like he’s got two brains, and the one downstairs suddenly started calling the shots.”

89. “Relax, I’m lying. That said, it looks like we found the idiot, didn’t we?” – Jotaro Kujo

90. “Mr. Joestar! Can you move away from me? I can’t run with you stuck to me like this!” – Avdol 

Quotes From the Villains of JoJo

91. “Tell me, have you and JoJo kissed yet? I’ll take that as a no. You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!” – Dio Brando

92. “Listen up, JoJo, I might be your guest, but I’m not taking any lip from you. I like being the first, I’m number one! No one looks down their nose at me! Also another thing, I hate dogs. They don’t scare me, I just can’t stand their bootlicking towards humans. So keep your dumb mutt, Danny, away from me, okay?” – Dio Brando

93. “For seven years, I have to make nice with that buffoon. But now that I am of age, it is time for my plan to reach its fruition. At long last, the Joestar fortune will be mine. And the Devil takes anyone who tries to stop me.” – Dio Brando

94. “I shall give you a chance. Go down two steps and I’ll let you join my side again. But if you’d rather die, than climb those stairs.” – Dio Brando

95. “Power! Glory! Happiness! Culture! Law! Money! Food! The hearts of people! I have taken the first napkin!” – Funny Valentine

96. “Oh? So you still want to fight? It would appear pigheadedness runs in the family. How ungrateful can you be? You’re blatantly ignoring your grandfather’s wishes, even after he gave his life to tell you about the power of the world. Surely his pathetic pleas warranted a bit of consideration.” – Dio Brando

97. “What the hell! It’s impossible! I am the immortal Dio—I am Dio!” – Dio Brando

98. “To achieve peace of mind is the goal of all mankind. Now, given that, what anxiety could you possibly feel towards serving me? Any other peace of mind would come easily if you do. Doesn’t challenging me, even knowing that it may spell your death, bring you anxiety? You are a very capable Stand user. It’s a waste to kill you. Why not cut ties with Joestar and the others, and serve me for eternity? I can promise you peace of mind for eternity.” – Dio Brando

99. “So this is the brat I must usurp. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is quick to anger. This pampered fool is nothing for the likes of Dio Brando!” – Dio Brando

100. “I don’t know. How many loaves of bread have you eaten in your lifetime?” – Dio Brando

101. “JoJo! Let me go! Release me! Think of what we can achieve! You’d like a taste of eternity, would you not? I can heal your wounds! You and Erina can live together, forever! JoJo! No, it’s too late—he’s dead.” – Dio Brando

102. “Now, let’s have us a look. Turn that pretty little head!” – Yoshikage Kira

103. “Most men’s hearts are restrained by mortals, recoiling in fear from the fabulous fruits of evil. But some do not constrain themselves to mortality and its tyranny. They are the vanguard. Serve me, Jack the ripper. Submit yourself to me, and I shall give powers beyond your belief. I ask for only one thing in return.” – Dio Brando

Notable Jojo Quotes to Ponder On

104. “There is good and bad luck in this world.” – Jobin Higashikata

105. “You’re wrong! All that was good in that man, he passed it along to Jonathan, every bit of it! You can be sure JoJo’s gonna live an upright life, using what his father gave him. Rich folks are rubbish. Watching ’em flounce around, I wanna throw the whole lot of them into the Thames! But not the Joestars. They’re heroic and merciful and just, the whole damn lot of them are giants among men!” – Robert E.O. Speedwagon

106. “This taste is the taste of someone who’s lying! Giorno Giovanna!” – Bruno Bucciarati

107. “Giorno, actually, I was reborn. When I met you back home in Naples when I betrayed the organization. My soul had been fated to slowly die, but it was reborn, thanks to you. This is what true happiness is. This is how it should be. Don’t worry about it. Please give everyone my regards.” – Bruno Bucciarati

108. “Humans—they’re happy when they’re trying to overcome something. Even for someone like me—someone fortunate enough to be born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. I need to keep climbing higher—or I will never be happy. It’s all relative.” – Jobin Higashikata

109. “You know exactly what happens to traitors, no matter who it is. The boss never lets anyone get away. Hell, Venice could be already be surrounded by the boss’ elite guard.” – Abbacchio

110. “Welcome to the true man’s world.” – Ringo Roadagain

Which JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Protagonist Is Your Favorite?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure features different protagonists from Joester’s family. Every series has a unique plot but is still connected to the original story. It depicts the life of each generation’s heir and how they defeat their supernatural foes. 

This anime has a lot of moral lessons that are useful in everyday situations. Many of us are blinded by ambition, which causes us to harm others at times. Being competitive is fine as long as you recognize your true rival, which is yourself.

This collection will inspire you to be grateful for what you have and to live a moral life. Allow these JoJo quotes to inspire you to stick to your principles in the face of adversity. Keep these quotes in your heart to guide you in righteous living.

How do you keep your morality? Which JoJo quotes are your favorites? Drop them in the comments area below.

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