Charlotte is one of the most famous, yet traditional names for girls. Many people decide upon naming their baby girl Charlotte, because of the beautiful meaning behind this name.

As the information from SSA portrays, Charlotte is the 3rd most popular girl name in the US. Only Olivia and Emma are more popular than Charlotte!

As a person who wants to name its child Charlotte, it is important to check out all the possible nicknames for their future daughter. Also, the people who have a friend, family member, acquaintance or a co-worker named Charlotte, can find nickname inspo here!

With roots dating to the fourteenth century, Charlotte is of French origin. It’s a name that was given to a female who was little and frail at birth.  The name means “petite” or “free man” in its literal sense. 

After the first princess with the name Charlotte, many more have followed. The name was given to two of King Charles II of England’s illegitimate daughters because the monarch loved it so much. 

Since that occurrence, the name “Charlotte” has been used by a number of well-known princesses and monarchs. 

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These are one of the most usual and most common nicknames for Charlotte. Most people call their Charlotte by one of these pet names! 

1. Lola

2. Charlie

3. Chattie

4. Charly

5. Cherry

6. Chara

7. Lollita 

8. Lotita

9 Lott

10. Lottie-Lou

11. Charmer

12. Charlianne

13. Charlottica

14. Charlynn

15. Charlotte-Ann

16. Charlotte-May

17. Shar

18. Carly

19. Chaz

20. Charo 

Funny Nicknames For Charlotte

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Whenever you want to be creative AND funny, opt for some of these funny nicknames for Charlotte!

1. Charizard

2. Charmander

3. Chartastic

4. Charmer

5. Charlie Sheen

6. Char-Car

7. Charsicle

8. Charlie’s Angel

9. Charlottalicious

10. Charizardo

11. Chartacular

12. Charmazing

13. Charsational

14. Charli XCX

15. Charnando

16. Char-latte

17. Char-tastrophe

18. Charzilla

19. Char-riffic

20. Char-potamus

21. Char-squatch 

22. Char-ismatic

23. Charmadillo

24. Charnival

25. Char-mantha

26. Charliciousness

27. Charlypso

28. Char-melon

29. ChaRoomba

30. Charmandy

31. Chariot

32. Charismatic

33. Chastity 

34. Omelette

35. Cae

36. Ceal

37. Cheetah

38.  Chuckles

39. Coco

40. Churro

41. Chardonnay

42. Lottilu

43. Charlatan

44. Cha Cha 

45. Aerie

46. CeCe

47. Charcoal

48. Chocolate

49. Charmi

50. Chip

Cute Nicknames For Charlotte

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1. Char Bear

2. Charlz

3. Lotta Love

4. Cherry Cherry Lady

5. Cherry

6. Charrito

7. Charbug

8. Charla

9. Lollie

10. Lottapie

11. Charberry

12. Charpie

13. Lottybear

14. Lottilove

15. Charlypops

16. Charsie

17. Lottie Mae

18. CoCo

19. Harley

20. Tottie

21. Sharla

22. Miss

23. Princess Char

24. Lettie

25. Char-Star

26. Charline

27. Charis

28. Chacholate

29. Charlotta

30. Cairo

Short Nicknames For Charlotte

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1. Ari

2. Arla

3. Cae

4. Coco

5. CeCe

6. Cat

7. C-baby

8. Chai

9. Char

10. Lot

11. Chlo

12. Chay

13. Charz

14. Challa

15. Chat

16. Shat

17. Elle

18. Ette

19. Ottie

20. Tee

21. Ina

22. Lily

23. Lina

24. Chi

25. Cho

26. Lo

27. Lilo

28. Candy

29. Shea

30. Cha

Creative Nicknames For Charlotte

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1. Charline

2. Carolyn

3. Olotte

4. Cacha

5. Tots

6. Charlynn

7. Lolo

8. Charlize

9. Karla

10. Iced Chai-latte

11. Harley

12. Chip

13. Choco

14. Chicory

15. Cherub

16. Chupa Chups

17. Char-Star

18. Chattolina

19. Riri

20. Charly Lynn

Cool Nicknames For Charlotte

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1. Chilli

2. Chilly

3. Chessie

4. Chessa

5. Chex

6. Chatty

7. Chompers

8. Chuckles

9. Shaz

10. Chari

11. Chacha

12. Chazzy

13. Chazellina

14. Charlow

15. Charnie

16. Charo

17. Chia

18. Chi

19. Charlotte Marlotte

20. Charlotte De Vil 

Famous People Named Charlotte

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This category can be divided into two parts: Royal Family Members named Charlotte and other famous people named Charlotte.

Royal Family Members Named Charlotte

  • Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was known as Queen of Great Britain and of Ireland. She was the wife of King George III, and she held her title from their marriage in 1761 until her death in 1818.
  • Charlotte, Princess Royal was Queen of Württemberg and was known as the wife of King Frederick I.
  • Princess Charlotte of Wales is the second child of William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. She is currently 3rd in the line of succession for the throne. 

Other Famous People Named Charlotte

  • The woman that was writing books when being a female author was prohibited, is no other than one of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte Bronte. She is the first-born of the Bronte family, and has written many famous novels, such as:  Jane Eyre, Shirley and The Professor, which are now regarded as classics that are read in schools all over the world.
  • The first female tennis player that won five titles at Wimbledon? None other than Charlotte Cooper. But she didn’t stop there, she was also the first female tennis Olympic champion. 
  • The most famous song from the movie The Fault In Our Stars, that we have all sang while crying over the movie, was written and performed by none other than Charlotte XCX. Myspace was the place where her career launched. She was just a teen posting her songs, and next thing you know- her career flourished.
  • The main female character from The Living and the Dead, is none other than Charlotte Spencer. She was awarded with Star of Tomorrow in 2015, from Screen International magazine.
  • Tom Hardy’s wife, all of us who love him, know that his wife is no other than Charlotte Riley. She is known for her roles as Sarah Hurst in Easy Virtue and as Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights
  • If you are into old money sports, such as dressage riding, equestrian (aka, horse riding), you have probably heard of Charlotte Dujardin. She is described as one of the best dressage riders of her era, having won multiple World and Olympic champion.

To Wrap It Up

Charlotte is indeed a beautiful name for girls, and has many creative, and cute nicknames that come with it.
I hope that you will find the right one on my list of nicknames for Charlotte. Until the next search for nicknames!

170 Nicknames For Charlotte That You Are Gonna Love


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