Clip-In Hair Extensions

You must have come across the saying, “change is the new constant.” In current times, fashion is unpredictable and can change instantly in the blink of an eye. In this era of uncertainty, are you among those who want to change their look by trying new hairstyles but don’t want to cause any harm to the hair? If this is the case, clip-on extensions have come to your rescue.

Clip in extensions are a successful and tested method in which strands made of natural Indian Remy hair are attached to one’s hair with the help of small clips. Various reliable platforms provide these products online, and you can rest assured about their quality, availability, pricing, and professional work. These extensions are made to suit all hair types and are fit for almost every gathering. You need to clip them to your hair and meet your new self.

This article will discuss in detail the reasons to consider these clip-on extensions-

Safe To Use 

If all the usage and maintenance directions are followed while using extensions, the chances of your hair getting damaged diminish. They also do not cause any harm to your natural hair growth and are proven to be relatively safe. Suppose you want greater flexibility in when and how you use extensions, then the clip-in hair extensions are ideal for you because they provide a more temporary solution. Remember not to pull too hard on the hair after putting these on.

Made of Natural Human Hair

The clip-in extensions are made using natural human hair, unlike synthetic hair extensions. This is one of the foremost reasons why it is becoming popular and is even used by celebrities. You can get a natural look by selecting the right length and color of extensions based on your natural hair type. To make it look more authentic, you may also try heat styling on the extensions similarly to your original hair.

Comfortable Option

Because it is lightweight, clip-in extensions are convenient and quite comfortable. It only requires a few seconds to attach or remove this extension, eliminating the need to visit salons. Gently backcomb the roots before applying the extensions to ensure a secure fit. To avoid harming the hair, gently backcomb about an inch from the hairline using a brush with natural bristles. You may apply them on or detach them based on your preference.

Easy To Maintain

Since clip-in extensions do not get oil from the scalp as the original hair does, they do not require a wash as frequently as other hair extensions, like permanent ones. Cleaning is advisable when you see a product buildup on the extensions or after 15-20 wears. Your hair extensions will stay longer if you don’t wash them as frequently. This eventually reduces your maintenance work.

 Available In Different Varieties

There are numerous options for clip in extensions available in various colors, shades, and sizes like sunset blonde, platinum blonde, pure black, black-brown, and others. You can select the suitable one as per your requirements. While purchasing, you can even sort them out based on the reviews, popularity, price, and similar features.


One can create many different looks with clip-in hair extensions. In every way, including color and texture, they resemble human hair. Their clips play a significant role in proving your comfort and do not come out quickly, which gives a sense of confidence. The extensions can resolve all your hair problems, including short and thin hair. However, you must go for the right one, among such wide varieties available in the market, based on your specific needs to get great results.