The Caribbean is filled with stunning islands and cultures for anyone to explore. The Cayman Islands in particular is home to diverse populations of people, gorgeous scenery, serene beaches, and so much more. One aspect of the Cayman Islands that specifically deserves a spotlight, however, is its flora and fauna.

Whether you are looking to invest in Cayman Islands real estate for sale or you’re heading to the Islands for a much-needed vacation, you should be aware of the beautiful, exotic, and unique flora and fauna there. When you know of them ahead of time, you can look out for them and witness them all for yourself in all their glory!

Here are just five impressive flora and fauna that you can find in the Cayman Islands.

1. Rock Iguanas
Rock iguanas are a genus of Iguanidae and are found in the Cayman Islands. Their highest population is found in Little Cayman– and not just in all three islands. Little Cayman also holds the highest population of these specific iguanas in the entire Caribbean!

2. Turtles
Did you know that the Cayman Islands were originally dubbed “Las Tortugas,” or “The Turtles,” by Christopher Columbus when he first saw them? He named the Islands such originally because, when he first saw them, he noticed that there were countless turtles in the waters around them.

The Islands continue to be home to many turtles, especially green, hawksbill, loggerhead, and leatherback turtles. To celebrate the many turtles, Grand Cayman has the Cayman Turtle Centre, where visitors can admire turtles that have been saved.

3. Dinoflagellates aka Bioluminescent Plankton
Dinoflagellates, which are also known as Bioluminescent Plankton, are a type of algae essentially that live in the ocean. At night, these algae really come to life and illuminate due to a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence. Because of this reaction, the plankton light up which makes the water around it light up, too.

The result: a shimmering, glowing ocean, which can be admired more so in the evening and nighttime. This plankton lives in Bioluminescent Bay on Grand Cayman and is one of the many easy-to-love attractions on the island.

4. Red-Footed Boobies
Red-footed boobies are types of seabirds that have coral-red feet. These vibrant and beautiful birds are native to tropical locations, but they are especially abundant in Little Cayman. In fact, Little Cayman has the highest population of these birds in all of the Caribbean!

5. Parrots
There are numerous parrots found on the Islands as well! For just one example, there is the Grand Cayman Parrot that is found only on Grand Cayman. On Cayman Brac, there is the Brac Parrot Reserve where visitors can go and enjoy admiring the Cayman Brac Parrot, which is smaller in size than the Grand Cayman Parrot, although with similar coloring. You are most likely to hear and see these beautiful birds in the early morning and late afternoon.

The flora and fauna are truly remarkable to witness on the Cayman Islands– and these five are just a small snippet of what lives there!

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Originally posted 2022-06-09 06:37:20.