As summer quickly approaches us, we can’t help but daydream about a season filled with sunny exploration and adventure– and that most certainly includes thrilling road trips in our RVs!

However, the last thing you want to do when you hit the road this summer is to be underprepared. Not only can missing accessories and parts lead to discomfort or a drop in enjoyment, but that can also potentially cause dangerous scenarios! And we absolutely don’t want that.

That is precisely why you need to equip yourself and your RV with the most ideal RV accessories on the market today. These are specifically for both your safety and optimal comfort for every mile on the road and while parked at campsites!

Without further ado, here are just five RV accessories you need this summer!

1. Water Filter
First things first: your water. While you (hopefully) have your other two human basic needs satisfied (food and shelter), you need to ensure that you have the third one efficiently taken care of, too: drinking water.

While living the life in your RV, you need to make sure you always have access to running water for drinking and a slew of other uses, such as showering, flushing the toilet, washing your hands and other items, and brushing your teeth. By attaching an RV water filter to your mobile abode, you are filtering out harmful pollutants and chemicals all the while vastly improving the scent and taste of your RV’s running water.

2. Camping Dishware and Drinkware
While you are on the road or resting for the night, you need to be sure you can eat your food and drink your drinks from dependable dish and drinkware! That is why you should stock your RV with appropriate dishes, silverware, and drinkware to ensure every meal and every beverage is enjoyed to the fullest (don’t forget to choose aesthetically pleasing options, too!).

You could also make it easy on yourself and choose a dish set, like this 12-Piece Camp Casual RV dish set from!

3. Outdoor Games
Vacations and trips are all about fun, too! That’s precisely why you should have an abundance of games to play, especially outdoor games. That way, when you are relaxing for an evening or an afternoon with friends and family, you can play exciting games to pass the time, like cornhole, Kan Jam, lawn frisbee game, horseshoes, and so many more!

4. Door Window Cover
When you are either driving or sitting in the blazing sun, you don’t want your RV to become a hot box. An excellent way to combat that, then, and keep yourself cool is by placing a door window cover on your door’s window.

The SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover can be easily installed on RV door windows to assist in controlling the internal temperature of your RV. Plus, when you want to take it down for whatever reason, it is easily foldable and, therefore, easy to store!

5. Brace Bars (Refrigerator and Cabinets)
Have you ever slammed on your brakes in your RV and heard crashing and breaking from behind you? We’ve been there– and we have found an efficient way to drastically reduce such occurrences. Two words: brace bars.

You can easily install brace bars in both your refrigerator and cabinets in order to keep the items within them from moving around, falling, and breaking– even your knives!

Now that you know just five RV accessories you need for your next summer road trip, be sure to head on over to to explore far more items you and your RV need for convenience, safety, and overall enjoyment!

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Originally posted 2022-06-02 11:12:30.