5 Ways to Make $50 With Cash Apps Today

Let’s face facts, 95% of people could use a little extra cash in their pocket, and most of us have found ourselves in situations where we need dough quickly to buy something urgently or pay a bill with a deadline soon approaching. Hence, wouldn’t it be neat if methods existed that may generate up to $50 in a few hours, which most could take advantage of when in a tight spot? Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this is now possible, and it is an option without you having to leave your home.

Side jobs are no longer opportunities that require you to put your boots on and roam a city in search of employees willing to give you short-term, part-time work that fits your schedule. No. Nowadays, that is all feasible from the palm of your hand. All one needs to earn quick cash from anywhere at any time is a modern smartphone, internet access, time, and the desire to put in some work in exchange for monetary compensation.

Hence, below, we present you with five ways to snag four dozen dollar bills in your bank account at any time of the day.

1. Take Online Surveys

Over the past decade, the internet has gotten swarmed with survey apps. Such dedicated mobile software allows users to answer questionnaires and earn cash prizes by sharing their preferences with top brands and marketers. Getting reliable market research is essential to growing any business, as only when a company truly knows its customer base can it target them appropriately, satisfying their needs.

Right now, the survey apps that provide the best payouts are Survey Junkie and InboxDollars. The first can yield an average compensation per survey of $1 to $3, while the latter can supply up to $5 for a fully answered questionnaire. Survey Junkie pays through eGift cards and to users’ PayPal accounts, while InboxDollars delivers its cash via check, prepaid Visa, and gift cards. Expect to put in multiple hours to achieve a payout of $50 using these platforms.

2. Teach English

Yes, you can make money by teaching English to people trying to master it as a second language. Know that demand for English tutors is high, despite the perception that everyone speaks the language. In most of Asia, in particular, that is not so. Therefore, many residents of China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and many Arab countries are desperate to learn English to function in the global employment market.

Adults aside, multiple apps exist targeting children eager to advance their English-speaking skills. Services like QKids, PalFish, iTalki, VIPKid Teach, and GoGoKid, can provide tutor rates of up to $25 per hour. Nevertheless, some ask that you complete a qualifying quiz or deliver a test lesson.

3. Gamble Online

If you did not know, online gambling has been a hot fad for years now. Cash app games that pay real money are on hand to anyone with a smartphone, regardless of their location on the planet. Virtually everyone can find a mobile online casino that accepts players from their region, and making casino deposits with a cash app on these platforms is super easy. Once you go through this rudimentary process, you will not need to ask how to withdraw with cash apps because the procedure is more or less identical to the depositing one.

Online casinos offer a vast array of gambling products that can turn a $1 bet into $50 or millions in seconds. Slots are the preferred option by most newbies, while veteran gamblers gravitate to blackjack and baccarat due to their lower house edge.

4. Test Websites & Apps

Quality assurance is a massively understated part of software creation. No company should release a digital product on the market without putting it through extensive testing first. Since many developers cannot afford to have testers on staff, they opt to outsource these jobs through third-party platforms.

Userlytics is a terrific example of a testing app that pays cash if you are willing to answer questions and record your sessions when interacting with designated prototype services, websites, and mobile software. Userlytics’ rates hover around $10 per test, with payments sent to PayPal accounts every Friday.

5. Do Micro-Jobs

Micro-jobs are simple tasks that almost anyone can do. The Clickworker community may be the largest of its kind that allows its users to browse and select appropriate quick opportunities that they can do in minutes. These can range from answering surveys to taking photos.

There is even a Clickworker widget that informs you of potential tasks that fit your profile. Nonetheless, you should know that most pay around $10 for two working hours. So, you will have to put in ten hours to snag $50.

This article was written in collaboration with legit iGaming analysts

Originally posted 2022-06-24 17:16:00.