These 4 word quotes are great daily reminders for you to do your best in everything!

Everything in life is unpredictable. Most of the time, the things that happen in our lives will surprise us and make us stop in our tracks.

Though things can get confusing, reading 4 word quotes is a great way to steer yourself back onto the right path.

Simple as they are, 4 word quotes pack a punch!

They are filled with meaning, inspiration, and encouragement that’ll surely change the lives of all those who read them for the better!

So, when you feel like you need some positive words, check out our complete list below!

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Best 4 Word Quotes

1. “Let life surprise you.”

2. “Enjoy the little things.”

3. “Good things take time.”

4. “Do what you love.”

5. “Dream big, believe bold!”

Famous 4 Word Quotes

6. “This too shall pass.”

7. “Focus on the good.”

8. “No pain, no gain.”

9. “Work smarter, not harder.”

10. “Great minds think alike.”

Four-Word Quotes to Inspire You

11. “Beautiful minds inspire others.”

12. “Follow your own star.”

13. “Be your own sunshine.”

14. “Make this day great.”

15. “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Powerful 4 Word Quotes

16. “Wake up and live.”

17. “Everything is a choice.”

18. “It’s never too late.” 

19. “Don’t give up, ever.”

20. “What could go wrong?”

21. “Be brave. Take risks.”

22. “Let your differences shine.”

23. “And still I rise.”

24. “Eyes forward, heart open.”

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4 Word Quotes About Life

25. “You only live once.”

26. “Own less. Live more.”

27. “One life, one chance.”

28. “Your life has meaning.”

29. “Live and let live.”

4 Word Quotes on Love

30. “Love lifts my soul.”

31. “Ultimately, love is everything.”

32. “Love more, worry less.”

33. “Love is never wrong.”

34. “Love is quivering happiness.”

Four-Word Quotes to Live By

35. “Live a good story.”

36. “Think less, live more.”

37. “Don’t just exist, live.”

38. “Let your soul shine.”

39. “Embrace your inner superhero.”

40. “Be a nice human.”

41. “Make your life sweet.”

42. “Be curious, not judgmental.”

Meaningful Four-Word Quotes

43. “Life teaches, love reveals.”

44. “Never doubt your instinct.”

45. “You are your choices.”

46. “Kind words cost nothing.”

47. “Small steps every day.”

48. “Beginnings are always messy.”

49. “What else is possible?”

50. “Courage doesn’t always roar.”

51. “Nothing endures but change.”

4 Word Quotes for Work

52. “Let’s start the journey.”

53. “Think outside the box.”

54. “Try something new today.”

55. “Work hard, stay humble.”

56. “Don’t think, just do.”

4 Word Quotes That’ll Lead You to Greatness

57. “Rise by lifting others.”

58. “Do one brave thing.”

59. “Success and nothing less.”

60. “Do more with less.”

61. “You have the power.”

62. “No pressure, no diamonds.”

63. “Keep on keeping on.”

64. “Tomorrow is another day.”

More Four-Word Quotes You Need to Read Today

65. “Collect moments, not things.”

66. “Kill them with kindness.”

67. “Find comfort in chaos.”

68. “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

69. “Faith can move mountains.”

70. “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Were You Inspired to Cultivate a More Positive Mindset Through These Quotes?

Life will undeniably be challenging, and the only way to get through it successfully is if we have the mental and emotional capacity to deal with each challenge that might come our way. One way of developing these aspects of ourselves is by reading positive notes and words of wisdom.

As many people have said, one’s words really do hold power. A short sentence or phrase made up of only four words can instantly change your mood for the better! When you read positive things, you immediately help yourself recover from whatever negative emotion was pulling you down.

We must remember that our lives are in our hands. We are the ones who choose whether we’re happy or sad, and we’re also the ones who can decide if we want to do something to pull ourselves out of our misery. So, whatever it is, always choose the positive.

With that in mind, keep this list of 4 word quotes in your bookmarks. Who knows, the next time you feel down, maybe just one of these quotes will instantly lift your spirits!

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