Check out this list of 3 word quotes and find a mantra you can repeat to yourself daily!

As we grow older, we realize that life is made up of a multitude of moments.

Some of these moments are bad, but most are good. But, one thing remains true: everything is a part of life, and the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

That’s why it’s important to have some quotes ready whenever you face both the highs and the lows.

Whenever you feel lost, demotivated, or scared, you may simply read through a few of the short messages we’ve gathered below, and you’ll feel your mood shoot back up.

In the same way, when you’re happy, read through quotes that’ll help you realize just how important it is to enjoy life.

There are thousands of short messages out there that can inspire you.

But today, we’ve gathered the top 3 word quotes to brighten your day and help you appreciate all things in life!

Let’s begin.

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Best 3 Word Quotes

1. “Now or never.”

2. “Own your magic.”

3. “Nurture your best.”

4. “Dreams come true.”

5. “Believe in yourself.”

6. “Seize the day.”

7. “Escape the ordinary.”

8. “Trust the process.”

9. “Break the mold.”

Famous 3 Word Quotes

10. “Live, learn, love.”

11. “Try something new.”

12. “Practice makes permanent.”

13. “Never give up.”

14. “Let it be.”

15. “Be the exception.”

16. “Against all odds.”

Inspirational Three-Word Quotes

17. “Go for it.”

18. “Aspire to inspire.”

19. “Yes, you can.”

20. “Do it now.”

21. “Never stop dreaming.”

22. “Live your potential.”

23. “Imagine. Believe. Achieve.”

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3 Word Quotes About Life

24. “Life won’t wait.”

25. “Remember to live.”

26. “Life is beautiful.”

27. “Count your blessings.”

28. “Change is good.”

29. “Live life daily.”

30. “Every moment matters.”

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3 Word Quotes on Love

31. “Love is everything.”

32. “Love endures delay.”

33. “Love conquers all.”

3 Word Quotes About Family and Friends

34. “Love your parents.”

35. “Friends are treasures.”

36. “You are enough.”

37. “I’ll be there.”

Meaningful Three-Word Quotes

38. “Shine your light.”

39. “Nourish your soul.”

40. “I trust you.”

41. “Creativity takes courage.”

42. “Keep the faith.”

43. “Have hope, always.”

Three-Word Quotes to Power You Up

44. “Got your back.”

45. “Dare to begin.”

46. “Never look back.”

47. “Celebrate your victories.”

48. “Try new things.”

49. “Time heals everything.”

50. “Wake your dreams.”

3 Word Quotes for Work

51. “Success breeds success.”

52. “Act without expectation.”

53. “Winners never quit.”

54. “Maintain your integrity.”

55. “Have meaningful goals.”

56. “Procrastination steals time.”

57. “Commit or quit.”

3 Word Quotes to Read Every Day

58. “Nobody is perfect.”

59. “Learn from yesterday.”

60. “Never hold grudges.”

61. “Don’t overthink it.”

62. “Create your shine.”

63. “Always be yourself.”

64. “Be obsessively grateful.”

3 Word Quotes for Those Who Need a Boost

65. “Make it happen.”

66. “Happiness is homemade.”

67. “Make somebody’s day.”

68. “Embrace the journey.”

Three-Word Quotes That Can Serve as Your Mantra

69. “Always forgive yourself.”

70. “Be a giver.”

71. “Be the change.”

72. “Nothing is impossible.”

73. “Fear kills growth.”

74. “Everything is learnable.”

75. “Struggle into strength.”

More Three-Word Quotes You’ll Love

76. “Live for others.”

77. “Be constantly curious.”

78. “Celebrate all success.”

79. “Health is wealth.”

80. “Attitude defines failure.”

Did You Find Quotes to Live By in This Collection?

However short, three-word quotes can provide us with all the inspiration, encouragement, and courage we need to face our day. When we send these short messages to our loved ones, they, too, will know the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

It may be hard for you to express your feelings and messages to others. So, using 3 word quotes is a great start!

We also understand that challenges will bombard your day-to-day life. In these cases, you, too, should have a list of 3 word quotes you can use to clap back at your hardships. When you repeat these quotes day in and day out, they’ll slowly become the mantra that’ll help you thrive in life!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you list your favorite quotes from the list and keep them whenever you need a boost or a reminder to appreciate the little things!

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