A Guide to Blood Cancer & Their Treatment Options

Leukemia refers to the cancer of the blood-forming tissues of the body, including the lymphatic system and the bone marrow. There are several kinds of leukemia, and it affects people of all ages. Usually, the disease affects the white blood cells of the body. The treatment for leukemia depends on the type of the disease.

Blood cancer treatments available in India

If you are seeking the best blood cancer treatment in India, the following are the options you have.


It is one of the foremost kinds of treatment for blood cancer. This kind of drug treatment utilizes chemicals to kill cancer cells. Based on the type of blood cancer, you might get a combination of drugs or a single dosage. These drugs are either injected directly into the vein or given as pills. 

Targeted therapy

All kinds of targeted drug therapy focus on particular abnormalities that are in the cancer cells. When you block these abnormalities through targeted drug therapy, the cancer cells die. The doctor will test the blood cancer to check whether the targeted therapy suits you.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy utilizes x-rays for damaging blood cancer cells and preventing their growth. In this therapy, the radiation is directed to specific parts of the body affected by cancer. 

Bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplantation or stem cell transplantation helps to re-establish the healthy and functioning stem cells through the replacement of the unhealthy bone marrow using leukemia-free cells that can generate healthy marrow. You can get stem cells from a donor or utilize your stem cells.


In Immunotherapy, the body’s immune system is primed to fight cancer. The immune system does not attack the cancer cells as they can produce chemicals to remain hidden from the immune cells. Immunotherapy helps the body identify and target cancer cells. 

Engineered immune cells

A specialized treatment known as chimeric antigen receptor therapy uses the germ-fighting cells of the body and infuses them into the body to fight cancer. It is a viable option for particular kinds of blood cancer.

Clinical trials

Several clinical trials run new treatments for cancer or modify conventional methods to treat cancer. Since these are new treatments, they carry a certain risk factor. Thus, it is important to understand the risks and benefits before proceeding.

Max Hospital: The best blood cancer treatment in India

The department of Haemato-oncology at Max Hospitals is dedicated to consistently improving the outcome for the patients with the condition. The aim is to develop and utilize such novel approaches that show the best possible results with the patients. The specialists at Max Hospital have sound knowledge of the disease, along with years of experience in treating the disorder.

Blood cancer has to be treated before it progresses. If it is your first check-up for cancer or you are seeking a second opinion, book your appointment at Max Hospital.

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