OP (Original Poster) wants to understand why her daughter got mad at her for forcing her and her wife to sleep separately, but people struggle to make sense of her actions, too.

A Mom and Her Daughter’s Family

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OP is a 60-year-old woman who turned to Reddit for advice after a friend told her to. She has a 31-year-old daughter with a 33-year-old wife.

They have a son who’s five, and they currently live in a different state.

Making the Effort

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Usually, OP is the one who visits them because her daughter-in-law’s work schedule is quite packed. However, this time, it was her daughter’s family who would visit her and some old friends.

Staying With Mom

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Her daughter and daughter-in-law have a house in OP’s city, and they usually stay there whenever they visit. But this time, it’s being renovated.

OP’s daughter then asked her if they could stay with her, and of course, OP said yes.

Different Rooms?

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When they arrived, OP welcomed them and told them that she prepared three separate rooms for each of them. She told them she prepared one room for her daughter, one for her daughter-in-law, and one for her grandson.

Unreasonable Demands

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Her daughter immediately told her how unreasonable she was being. After all, they were married!

She wanted to sleep in the same room as her wife.

Comparing Siblings

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OP explained that it’s how she prefers things to go and that when her brother, OP’s son, stayed over, she also gave him and his wife separate rooms.

She said that, unlike her, her brother had no complaints.

Didn’t Want to Put Up With It

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Knowing that her mom wouldn’t change her mind, OP’s daughter asked her wife to book a hotel for the time they were staying in the city.

Hurt by Her Daughter’s Decision

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OP said she was hurt that her daughter would rather spend time in a hotel than at home. So, she tried asking her to stay since it was only for a few days.

She Is Not Going to Change Her Mind

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OP’s daughter, however, said that she and her wife had not slept in different rooms for nine years. Even though it’s what her mom wanted, she wouldn’t start sleeping in separate rooms now.

Not Resolved

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OP’s daughter and her family left and stayed in the hotel. However, the issue still hasn’t blown over, and her daughter has been quite cold to her ever since.

OP’s friends also think she was in the wrong for doing this to her daughter.


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The community is left utterly confused about OP’s actions. A top commenter even constantly asked why she did it.

Conservative Old Lady or Just Weird?

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One person believes she was a conservative person who had a “No S*x in My House” rule. Another thinks she’s either a h*m*phobe or a weirdo for pulling something like this.

Wrong Decisions

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Confusion aside, many people think that depending on her reasoning, OP is definitely the a**hole in the story.

A Redditor said, “Unless your reasoning is, ‘The only guest beds I have are singles, so I made up three rooms because I didn’t think they’d be comfortable squishing two adults into one tiny bed,’ I’m gonna have to go with you’re the a**hole.”

Your Daughter Has a Backbone!

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Some people cheered for OP’s daughter for not following her mom’s words as her brother did.

One person said, “Your daughter simply isn’t willing to take sh*t like her brother. Good for her.”

Your Take

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Everyone brought up a valid point in the thread. OP might be overly conservative, or she might also have a good reason for doing so.

But what do you think? Are you inclined to believe that she’s just quite weird and a bit too conservative?

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