One of the best ways to increase productivity is through the productive use of space. But what precisely does an ideal work environment look like?

Modern offices have open floor plans, motivational posters, a wide range of snacks, and, in many places, beautiful plants in the workplace. No more drab walls and cubicles! For aesthetic reasons, many companies have been putting office plants and small amounts of greenery in their offices to make them a little more attractive and welcoming.

Studies have shown that investing in office plants and planters is a good idea for both employees and visiting clients. As a result, plants and planters are now considered an essential part of modern office decor.

Using Planters in the Workplace
When it comes to employing plants and planters in the workplace, things become a little more tricky. If you have an existing office floor plan, then you can look for areas that are not being utilized as a possible location for new plants.

It is a good idea to have a few planters around your workplace, but the sort of plants you pick and the number of planters you have may have a significant impact on how your office looks and feels.

Putting plants in strategically placed planters can make a big difference in the workplace’s productivity and morale. Too many plants can make a workspace feel crowded, which can be almost as bad as a bare office.

It’s best to focus on substance rather than volume. Putting money into a few well-placed plants and planters will be more helpful than buying a bunch of low-quality options.

Without well-kept plants, you can’t have a pleasant place to work. These plants can also have a dramatic and long-lasting effect on the interior environment and sickly plants are not a joy to look at all day.

It’s difficult to maintain ornamental indoor plants since they require so much more upkeep than other types of décor. Plants need sunshine, nutrients, and the appropriate quantity of water to thrive. Several self-watering planters look like regular ceramic pots, such as the Cambridge Self-Watering Tapered Round Planter Pot.

Your plant won’t get too much water if the pot has an internal overflow, and adding a built-in internal wicking assembly ensures that the root system receives constant and accurate moisture readings from the reservoir.

Since most office plants are kept in less used areas of the office and tend to be poorly maintained. This makes sense really, when people are all focused on the tasks at hand, watering plants is the last thing on their mind. If you want to keep your plants nice and healthy, having a self-watering office planter may make a big difference.

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Originally posted 2022-06-10 08:52:19.