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Amelia Hamlin has joined the no-eyebrow trend that he been rocked by A-listers such as Kanye West, Doja Cat, and more! The 21-year-old model shaved her eyebrows goodbye in a TikTok posted by Interview magazine on Friday, Oct. 7 and she was thrilled to rock the new look. The former girlfriend of Scott Disick sat in her hair and makeup chair during the clip and smiled wide as she let a stylist take a razor to them. “Wow! OK. That was a big one. I felt them go,” she exclaimed near the beginning of the clip as her eyebrows were removed.


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“Dreams do come true,” an off-camera person said after her right eyebrow was officially gone. “They really do,” she replied with a smile. “I’ve really been wanting to shave them, but only for [Interview editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg].”

After her first glance in the mirror, she gasped with joy. “I love it! It’s f—king sick,” she noted. She also pointed out that the skin where her eyebrow once was is now “baby smooth”.

Amelia then took to Instagram to show off her new look by posing naked in a bathtub. “i wish i had a rubber duckie,” she simply captioned the post.

Before that, Amelia appeared to have bleached her eyebrows for Paris Fashion Week. She made her debut at PFW during the Vivienne Westwood show, where she had her eyebrows covered up and then thinly filled in with a pencil. At the Balenciaga show, her eyebrows looked bleached and nearly gone.

Between Paris Fashion Week and now her upcoming Interview shoot, Amelia has been taking on the modeling world by storm as of late. In fact, Vogue France published a spotlight piece on her at the beginning of October and dubbed her as “the model to watch this Paris Fashion Week.” In an interview with her that followed, Amelia, the daughter of Lisa Rinna, gushed about her childhood dreams coming true and the full circle moment at the Vivienne Westwood show. “As early as I can remember, I always wanted to be a fashion model. In particular, a runway model,” she recalled. “I guess a big part is that I always felt extremely empowered watching all of the ’90s supermodels on the runway. I wanted to feel the power and creativity and self-expression that they were exuding as they walked down the runway.”

“I keep thinking back to the Vivienne Westwood SS94 show, where Kate Moss is in a micro skirt with no top on eating an ice cream,” she continued. “From the moment I saw that image, I was just so fascinated by her ability to be wearing such little amount of clothing yet exude so much confidence. As I grew up and time went on, I began to realize that I am a very creative person, and that this was my way of expressing my creativity – it being my artistic medium.”


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