microfiber cloths good for cleaning

You may have seen a lot of people advising to use microfiber cloth for car cleaning and washing. These microfiber cloths are extremely fine and the fineness is 1 denier or less. It is a multipurpose cloth and we will tell you how to use it properly.

Are microfiber cloths good for cleaning?

Absolutely yes! Microfiber cloths are soft clothes and they cannot scratch any surface- be it glass or your car’s body. You should always wipe your car with a microfiber cloth instead of an old t-shirt etc. These cloth pieces are also a good absorber of water and so wipes off your car easily after a wash.

Washing a car properly using a microfiber cloth

Here are some tips for a shining wash of your car using a microfiber cloth. Like we groom ourselves, it is also necessary to groom our car by washing it and then waxing it etc.:

Often our car gets dirty with mud, dust or bird droppings, these can damage the paint of your car if not cleaned. Not only from the exterior, but we should also clean the interior of our car so that whenever we sit inside the car, we feel fresh.

The most important thing and first thing which you should do is to wash your car with water. If you try to wipe off your car while it is dry then the particles on the car (dust and dirt) may scratch the paint of your car. So, avoid this.

After you have properly washed the car. Apply shampoo to the car. For this, you can use a bucket and mix water. Now you will need a microfiber cloth. It is better to keep 2-3 clothes for better results. Make a rich lather and apply each and every area of the car.

Many people forget about the tyres and wheels while washing their car. But this plays a crucial role in making your car look better. Don’t ignore applying shampoo to the tyres and wheels of the car. While scrubbing tha shampoo lather, use only microfiber cloths to avoid any scratches.

After shampooing is complete. Again wash the car with plain water. For professional washing results, you should use a high pressure washer. These expel water with great pressure which cleans the car nicely.

Drying the car

It is important to dry the water as the crevices and door hinges may start to corrode if water remains there for long. Also, water spots may be visible if you don’t wipe it dry. Here also microfiber cloth is a necessity.

Waxing your car

Before waxing make sure that your car is cool. It shouldn’t be under direct sunlight. A hot surface will damage the wax and it won’t work properly. Waxing is a very easy process.

Wax comes as a spray and you just need to spray it all over the body of your car and wipe it off. For wiping again we will need a microfiber cloth. So, you see, microfiber cloths are very important while maintaining our cars.

Besides our car maintenance, microfiber cloths have a lot of other uses too:

  • Obviously the most used place is in cars. But did you know that you can use it in the car interior as well. Yes! You can use it to clean the cabin and the mirrors. Just damp the cloth a bit and give a wipe over these and they will immediately look good. The dirt will be trapped within the fine fibers of the cloth.
  • You can dust your home or office furniture with microfiber cloth. Furniture like a dressing table etc are delicate and the glass may get scratched if a hard cloth is used.
  • As these clothes are fine, you can use it to remove streaks from glass or stainless steel. Damp a microfiber cloth and just wipe the surface.
  • You can also use microfiber cloth to scrub your bathroom and accessories like the bathtub etc. you can also clean the bathroom mirror, geyser and the tap outlets to make it shiny.
  • Then you can clean various appliances like fridges or AC with this cloth and as always, it won’t’ cause scratching. Use some form of cleaner and spray it over the microfiber cloth and give your AC a wipe and it will look clean and shiny.
  • And in any place where you would use a paper towel. You may be tempted to use a paper towel to clean your dining table. Well you can also do that with a microfiber towel.

A paper towel is not reusable but you can use a microfiber cloth as many times as you like after washing it each time after it gets dirty.

Will it work when it is wet?

Yes, you can use a wet microfiber cloth to clean smudged dirt and grease.To conclude, microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning anything. There are some must have car accessories beside this and you should get them for any enhanced driving experience.


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Originally posted 2022-05-13 10:52:12.