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Working out from the comfort of our own homes has become the new normal and if you’re looking for a new accessory that will help you get in shape this year and doesn’t take up too much space, we have got you covered. Luckily, the REEHUT Ankle Weights Set is currently on sale for just $18.99.

Get the REEHUT Ankle Weights Set here for $18.99.

The ankle weights are available in seven different weights and colors. The red is one pound, the green is two pounds, purple is three pounds, royal blue is four pounds, orange is six pounds, light blue is eight pounds, and gray is 10 pounds. Each pair is made from mercerized cotton which gives them a snug but comfortable fit that makes them perfect for exercising.


Whether you’re wearing them to do a work out in your home or rocking them on your next walk, the ankle weights are a great way to get in shape. They’re breathable and have moisture-wicking fabric on the inside which allows you to sweat in them without being uncomfortable, plus, they have an adjustable strap closure that you can use to make them loose or tight depending on your preference and ankle size.

The weights are filled with iron and are great for leg exercises as they add some difficulty to your workout. There’s a reason why over 6,800 customers gave these ankle weights positive reviews and it’s because people swear by them.

One user gushed in a comment, “These ankle weights indeed do work. I started off with the 1 pound per weight as I wanted to wear them during My work day to help give My legs a work out, as I work in the medical field and do a lot of walking. These ankle weights are easy to put on and take off and they do stay in place which is an A + in My book. While of course your ankles will sweat while wearing these, that is a small insignificance to how well they work. They stay secure and even stay place underneath socks. While they may make the sock look bumpy, it is easily disguised by pants. I have been using these for almost a month now and I can for sure feel it in My Legs, mainly My calves after use the next day, and am starting to see My muscle slowly form again. I highly suggest these ankle weights.”


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