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Now that the new year is in full swing, if you need some motivation, you’re in luck, because STRONG by Zumba Master Trainer, Nate Offer, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, that squats are a great glute toning exercise you can do while you work, plus other at-home exercises.

“Exercises that you can do between work breaks are pushups, squats, jumping jacks, high knees, and planks,” Nate shared. “These are great quick exercises that do not require equipment and keep you moving and keep you active. Plus, there’s also always STRONG by Zumba’s seven-minute workouts. Two of these workouts are even created by celebrity personal trainer Erin Oprea.”

As for some full-body workouts you can do at home, Nate shared, “Quick workouts that you can do at-home include full-body HIIT workouts, such as STRONG by Zumba. STRONG by Zumba is a non-dance workout and does not require any equipment. These workouts live right on YouTube and come in 7-minute, 20-minute, and 30-minute class options.”

STRONG by Zumba Master Trainer, Nate Offer, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, a glute toning exercise you can do at home. (Shutterstock)

Nate offered an exact full-body workout you can do in between working, below.

1. Dynamic Warmup First 10 mins (no equipment needed)
2. Squats – 45 seconds
3. 15-second rest
4. Alternating Lunges – 45 Seconds
5. 15-second rest
6. Walk out into a plank – 45 seconds
7. 15-second rest
8. Pushups – 45 seconds
9. 15-second rest
10. High Plank with alternating knee drive
11. 15-second rest
Do this for 3 rounds with 1 minute and 30 second rests between rounds.

To get motivated to do this workout, Nate suggested, “Setting daily goals and tasks is a great way to stay accountable for a workout. Write a goal that you would like to see in 30 days. Each morning and night, look at and read aloud your goals to motivate you to get up and go after it each day. This will help you reach and accomplish whatever that goal is. Also challenge yourself to make a list of what will stop you or slow you down from reaching that goal and read that list daily, as well, to hold you accountable to stay on task.”


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