binance lido quiz answers cointips

Binance Lido quiz answers cointips is a trending topic for discussion all across the internet these days. You can earn real money with the help of Binance Lido quiz answers cointips, but first, you must have some knowledge of the market, cryptocurrencies, and the Binance platform itself. Even if you are a novice in this field, don’t worry this blog will elaborate on all the topics in detail and keep you informed about the best way to earn by answering Binance Lido Quiz. To begin with, we should start from the “Binance platform”. Binance is a privately held organization having more than 7000 employees so there is no doubt about its credibility. The whole Binance platform revolves around Cryptocurrencies, trading, investments, tax savings, and many other ventures where they earn a percentage of your investments and returns. One of the recent ventures of the Binance platform includes Binance Lido quiz answers where you are awarded some rewards. To get a clearer picture, read below. 

What is Binance Lido Quiz answers cointips?

As mentioned previously, the Binance Lido quiz is one of the recent ventures of the Binance Crypto Trading platform where you get rewards if you can solve the Wordle on a daily basis. Have you read Wordle by the New York Times? The WODL game in the Binance Lido Quiz platform is almost similar except that here you will have to fill in finance-related words in the blank spaces. The quiz is shared every day and more than 500,000 rewards are shared. The theme for words is already mentioned in the “theme” section. Then you have to guess 6 words of 6 each letter related to that theme. If you are able to guess them correctly within a day’s time, then you will be rewarded for it. To guess the correct answers for Binance Lido Quiz answers, you can always make use of the internet or search for those 6 words in the finance-related books but all these have to be done within a 24-hour time or else the set of new words will arrive after midnight. 

How to play Binace Lido Quiz?

  • First of all, you need to visit the site and search for it on the Website of the Binance platform or you can directly type “WODL Binance” in the search bar and the very first option will land you in the Binance Lido Quiz platform. You can also download their app which is easily available on Play Store as well as Apple iOS store. Then the main challenge of the game will start where you are required to guess 6 exact words each having 6 letters based on the day’s theme within 24 hour time. There are some color codes that you need to follow in order to reach the exact Binance Lido Quiz answers. 
  • Though the official version has some fixed set of color combinations, many other versions of the game made by other users have other combinations. There will be 36 cells on the screen of your computer, Laptop, or smartphone. You have to make smart guesses and try to solve the WODL game in a minimum number of attempts. 
  • So in the first 6 cells, let us assume that the word is ASSETS. If you make a correct guess, and somehow type a 6-letter word close to it, you will see the following options of color codings. 
  • If the letter word guessed by you is A for the first cell, then the cell will turn green indicating that the actual word also contains the letter A in the same position or in this case “ASSETS”.
  • Now move to the next cell, if the letter you have typed is S but the cell turns orange it indicates that the letter S is there in the word but it is not correctly placed. Like form this example you know that the letter S is in the last cell of the word “ASSETS. 
  • Now if in the next cell or any other cell, you fill in some letter that is not in the word then the cell will be lacking and have no change in colour. Like if you type the letter Y in any of the cells. You are familiar that the word ASSETS word does not contain any letter Y so there will be no change in the colour of the cell. 
  • Likewise, you need to guess all the remaining words in a minimum number of attempts and then only you will be rewarded. 

How can I log in to  Binance Lido Quiz?

  • If you want to receive the rewards after playing Lido on the Binance platform, then you need to sign up for that first. To sign up you need to reach the website first and then navigate the Sign up menu. 
  • Conversely, you can also search “Lido Binance” in the search bar and reach the site. Here in the top right corner, you will find the option for sign-up. After this, you will see three modes of signing up.
  •  The first one is to sign up either via email or phone number. Then you will see an option to sign up with Google in the “continue with Google” option and Apple sign up in the “continue with Apple” option. 
  •  Based on your preferences, you can select any of the following menus to continue forward. Once this process is complete, you can enjoy the game and win rewards up to 500000 Binance points only after 5 successful wins. 

Here are some FAQs about the Binance Lido Quiz 

Q1? What is Binance Lido quiz?

It is a free initiative on behalf of the Binance platform where you need to guess 6 words relating to the day’s theme having 6 letters each. 

Q2? I am unable to play the Binance Lido quiz.

The only reason why you are unable to access the complete version of the game is that you might have skipped the registration part. You must register first so that you can claim your rewards after winning. You can also earn a 10% discount on the trading fee or 100 USDT trading fee if you register and refer it to your friends. 

Q3? What are the rewards of the Binance Lido Quiz?

When you complete a total of 5 wins, you will be awarded 500,000 rewards that can be traded in the platform itself in exchange for some currencies.