Throughout the pandemic, half of the surveyed American population continued using public restrooms, according to a national survey conducted by Bradley.

While only 37% only used public restrooms out of necessity and 13% completely avoided them, concerns for COVID were prevalent in three groups.

These findings confirm what we already know: the pandemic will drive new trends in public restrooms equipment. So if you’re thinking about restroom upgrades and Bradley equipment repair solutions for your existing restrooms, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Touchless Equipment
The survey revealed that restrooms in stores, restaurants, and workplaces were the places most frequented by Americans for restroom use.

The majority of people who used public restrooms took care to avoid coming into touch with pathogens.

When using the toilet flusher and faucet knobs, or reaching for door handles, 63% of those polled used a paper towel as a protective barrier.

Another group, on the other hand, used their foot to flush the toilet and used their backsides to open and close doors.

This public restroom behavior proves that there is a strong preference for touchless restroom equipment. In fact, the survey showed that they are more likely to come back to an establishment where the restroom uses touchless technology.

70% said they favor these establishments over those without touchless technology in their restrooms. What’s more, establishments with no touchless fixtures left a negative impression on 56% of the sample.

Being able to use restrooms without touching anything offers some level of comfort to the American public.

84% believe that it’s crucial for establishments and buildings to have touchless equipment in their restrooms.

Some of the fixtures that top their list of must-have touchless technology include toilet flushers, faucets, and entrance doors.

Germ-Resistant Materials
Activities like handwashing and hand drying saw a spike during the height of the pandemic. People correctly believe that handwashing is better than hand sanitizing, and that hand drying plays a significant role in the whole process.

Handwashing and hand drying are the easiest way to stay safe and healthy while reducing the possibility of spreading germs to others.

In the post-pandemic world, this is likely to continue and clearly calls for germ-resistant fixtures in public spaces not just to slow the spread of germs and pathogens but to ensure the surfaces are not conducive to disease-causing elements.

Bradley’s Commitment
Public restroom trends are driven by hands-free technology and a preference for cleanliness. They offer touchless solutions for public restrooms and in response to the need made clear by the pandemic, created strategies for making commercial restrooms pandemic-proof.

Bradley has advanced touchless technology for faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, toilet flushers, and other washroom accessories.

They also support the use of germ-resistant surfaces for sinks and other restroom fixtures.

For instance, bacteria, mold, and delamination can be prevented by using smooth, nonporous materials with seamless cast-formed structures, such as solid surfaces and natural quartz.

Bradley uses such materials for their sinks so they are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, nonporous, and simple to clean and repair.

Your Turn
If you’re leaning towards Bradley equipment repair parts for your restroom, take advantage of their touchless technology and the germ-resistant features of their accessories.

It’s time to switch to hands-free and automatic features in your restrooms that will not only ensure continued patronage to your establishment but also provides a step toward a normal life without the threat of the pandemic for all Americans.

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Originally posted 2022-05-25 05:30:25.