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Image Credit: Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Everett Collection

Movie-goers are still getting accustomed to going back to the theaters in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Bullet Train is a film that showcases why theaters are so important. Brad Pitt has a total blast in his first leading role since Ad Astra and Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. He seamlessly balances the intense action elements and moments of levity.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt fights Bad Bunny in ‘Bullet Train.’ (Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Everett Collection)

His character, Ladybug, boards the world’s fastest train for what’s supposed to be a cut-and-dry mission. Unfortunately, Ladybug soon finds himself facing off against assassins of various degrees. All of the assassins have goals in mind, and they’re all interconnected in some way. Audiences follow Ladybug as he puts the pieces of the puzzle together while trying to fend off these killers in tiny spaces.

Brad stars alongside an incredible ensemble cast that includes Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who play “twins” Lemon and Tangerine. The chemistry between the two Marvel stars is electric. Their brotherly bond is ultimately the heart of the movie.

Brian Tyree Henry
Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in ‘Bullet Train.’ (Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Everett Collection)

Brian and Aaron truly hold their own against Brad, with Brian getting the last laugh in a final twist at the end of the film. After a plethora of different roles in both TV and movies, Brian continues to prove he can take on any role. Cast him in everything!

Andrew Koji plays Kimura, a man on a desperate mission to save his son. Joey King adds some major sass as Prince, and she is not to be underestimated. Prince may seem like an innocent young girl, but she’s capable of some serious savagery, which the Emmy nominee embraces effortlessly.

In addition to the stellar cast, Bullet Train is bursting with color. The film has a gorgeous neon glow to it. The cinematography is razor-sharp and incredibly detailed. HollywoodLife got to see the film in a Dolby Cinema, which only added to the viewing experience.

Bullet Train is a sleek thrill ride that’s pure entertainment. On top of the non-stop action, there are a couple of epic cameos that elevate this high-stakes train ride.

Joey King
Joey King in ‘Bullet Train.’ (Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Everett Collection)

It’s evident Brad feels right at home under the direction of David Leitch, who previously worked as Brad’s stunt double before seguing into directing. In this current chapter of his career, it’s clear Brad wants to have fun, and that’s exactly what he’s doing in Bullet Train. The film is now in theaters everywhere.

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