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Applying false lashes yourself can seem like a daunting process and going to the salon to get them done is even more daunting because of how expensive it is. However, now you don’t have to stress because we chatted with celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, exclusively, about how you can apply lashes yourself easily and efficiently.

lash extensions
Eyelash extensions. (Parilov/Adobe)

Jamie shared that her recommendation for false lashes is Younique Moodstruck Magnetic Lashes because they “transform your lashes for a comfortable, customizable fit that works for any eye shape and size with worry-free wear for up to 10 hours.” You can follow Jamie’s exact 10 steps below:

1. “Gently bend the band of your magnetic lashes to mold them to your eye shape. If they are too long, trim them so that the band is flush with the next magnet.

2. “Curl your natural lashes.

3. “Apply a magnetic eyeliner to your lash line, letting it dry for 2–3 minutes. Tip: Keep your eyes closed while the liner dries to prevent any transfer.

4. “Apply the mascara of your choice to your natural lashes.

5. “Using a false lash applicator, apply magnetic lash to inner corner of eye first, moving outward. Try to keep it as close to the lash line as possible. Tip: To make application easier, look down at a mirror instead of straight on.”

6. “Once you are satisfied with the positioning of your falsies, secure them by applying pressure to top of the false lash and bottom of your natural lash with the curved edge of the applicator.

7. “Blend your falsies and natural lashes by combing them with the brush side of the false lash applicator.

8. “You can apply a few of the included anchors for additional lash security. To apply, pick up the anchor at the very tip of the lash using your lash applicator or finger, ensuring the lashes are curled upward. Place anchor under natural lash, aligning with magnets on false lash band and allow it to click into position.

9. “Remove your magnetic lashes by slowly and gently pulling up on the lash band with your lash applicator or fingers. Start at the outer corner of the lash band and work in.

10. “Keep your falsies in great shape and protect them from damage by cleaning them after each use and storing them in the included acrylic box.”


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