Whether you’re a sports fanatic or only really care around Superbowl Sunday parties we can all agree that jerseys are kind of a game-changing look. There are also plenty of different kinds of sports and various teams that you can rep with your outfit.

There’s definitely an art to wearing a jersey, though. From pairing a football jersey with skinny jeans to wearing an oversized basketball jersey as a dress, there’s sure to be a way that you’ll love wearing a jersey to your local sports bar or house party hang.

Miley Cyrus made a case for the jersey dress when she stepped out wearing a Bulls shirt without any pants on. Getting glam with her accessories, she paired the look with striped stilettos, gold necklaces, and a black baseball cap.

Miley’s look was truly the perfect mix of athleisure and glamour. Not really your taste, though? Don’t worry – there are even more great celeb takes on the sports jersey in the slides ahead.


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