Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch

As the manufacturing world is changing rapidly, many companies like Flexiv robotics company of China got 100 million dollar investment from Meituan, Meta Capital, Plug and Play and Jack Ma’s YF Capital to facilitate and boost up its power AI technology. This funding of 100M has provided a helping hand to set up its foundation and effective plan execution. With this amount, Flexiv the robotics industry is trying to provide work for its country and people.

They choose to raise money by working on new robotic technology with the collaboration of diverse industries and companies. They set the best example as the Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch with a surety that robotics will slowly change all segments of agriculture and manufacturing.

Flexiv is founded in the US by a group of people and now the core planning of AI robotics is done in China. This is a Chinese AI startup that is taking steps to tap into new industries that are just about to be automated with technology. The company is still focusing on conventional manufacturing, but they are planning to use the machines to generate new jobs. They plan to assist China to become a global leader in the manufacturing industry. Due to this, the Chinese government is also encouraging different companies to invest in AI and robotics and to become the part of Chinese technology plan “Made in China 2025.”

How is this AI robotics company stepping into numerous fields?

They are stepping into various fields and have already sent around 100 robots to China to facilitate the industries. They are aiming for a new wave of automation in different areas and as a result, sells numerous robots for different Chinese industry:

  • Healthcare industry: These solutions are designed to enhance the care of patients and the efficiency of healthcare centers. They create a surgical robot and a robotic pharmacy system to automate the prescription filling process in hospitals. An AI robot is to perform surgery and lessens the risks of complications.
  • Food service industry– Flexiv Chinese AI series assists in food service as well by building up a robotic waiter system and kitchen system to improve the restaurant’s efficacy. This system automates the process of food preparation and lessens the chances of errors.
  • Manufacturing system- To augment the efficiency and quality service in the manufacturing process the AI robotics company designed a robotic welding system to reduce the time to weld a part and an assembly system to automate the process of assembling the parts.
  • Logistics- Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch also step into the field of logistics with a disruptive idea to enhance the efficiency in goods transportation. A robotic truck and robotics warehouse system is designed for such processes. This system helps in storing and sorting goods in the factory as well as in loading and unloading trucks.

The company is providing several innovative ideas to sell robotics technology. With its creative development work, the Flexiv company has permitted other companies to grow technology products to offer intelligent and customized robots to different industrial sectors in China.

Flexiv strategic partnership with the china electronics technology group corporation!!!

Flexiv has given a superb idea for the Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch and is already working with major Chinese AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch and teamed up with more than 50 companies. It has also collaborated with other Chinese companies like CETC, FANUC, Fujian Grand Chip Investment Ltd. and Sinomach. They have already produced more than 100 products with these most well-known partnerships.

Flexiv is incorporated in numerous fields!!!

Though Flexiv is a Chinese AI startup still it is shining from a business point of view. This is because it has started integrating into multiple industries since its beginning. This is capable of earning the trust of its stakeholders with the best plans and ideas into action for assisting various Chinese industries. The company can take on more high-flying players and raise money to build a good rapport with its industry partners.

The company also develops its software, called Flexiv elements, with a claim to enable programming easy and control of robots. The future of the company is bright and it is becoming a mega player in the robotics industry. It is not only selling robots and raising money but also keeping track of its business strategy with a more solid base.

Final words of the company!!

China is becoming a robotic hub gradually with a great idea of Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch with still only a few robots everywhere. But it is an excellent starting point not only to raise money but also to assist numerous areas with time and cost reduction. The company just needs funds to increase the number of robots. Several Chinese business owners and investors are ready to invest in robotics thus, the company has a lot of room to grow.