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A raincoat is unquestionably a must-have accessory for children during the winter months. You want to protect your child from the rain as much as possible, but you also don’t want them to be too hot or uncomfortable. So, which raincoat is better for kids?

When searching for a kid’s raincoat, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure it’s watertight first. The coat should also be light and airy, with plenty of freedom for movement. Some coats have hoods, which help keep your child’s head dry when it’s raining.

You might wonder what the difference is between “waterproof” and “water-resistant” when reading the labels of children’s rain clothing on tags or online. What does “breathable” mean, for example? The terminology used to explain rainwear can be perplexing. Here’s a glossary of the terminology you’ll encounter when shopping for raincoats for kids. Additionally, you can read.


When your child wears a water-resistant jacket under continuous rain for an extended period of time, the rain will ultimately soak through. When you don’t require the highest level of rain coverage, a water-resistant coat may be less affordable than a flexible coat with similar attributes, allowing you to stretch your budget.



A waterproof raincoat provides a higher amount of rain protection than a water-resistant raincoat. If you live in an area where it rains frequently or if your child will be travelling on a long outdoor adventure, you’ll want to be sure they have the greatest weather protection possible. (As a plus, waterproof also means windproof.)



A child can get just as wet as if they weren’t wearing a raincoat at all if the coat keeps all the rainwater out but won’t let their perspiration out. If your child will be expending a lot of energy while out in the rain, consider buying a breathable jacket for them. If you want the best possible protection from the weather, you don’t need to buy the most costly products, but you do need waterproof/breathable gear.


Finish: DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

To improve rain protection, most children’s raincoats (both water-resistant and waterproof) contain a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish. DWR is at work when you observe rains beading up the surface of a jacket. The coating prevents the drips from spreading and saturating the jacket’s outside surface. This is vital since a wet outer surface will feel the cold on a child’s skin and will prevent the jacket from breathing.


Things to Consider

The Length of the Jacket

The longer the jacket offers the more protection to your kid. The majority of coats are waist length, although a handful extends to the hips.

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Originally posted 2022-04-18 03:53:27.