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Image Credit: Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock

Christie Brinkley is always rocking some sort of stunning swimsuit and that’s precisely what she did in her latest Instagram post. The 68-year-old posted a slideshow of photos of herself wearing a low-cut red swimsuit while on the beach on vacation.

In the photos, Christie wore a scoop-neck red one-piece swimsuit with an orange braided belt cinched around her waist. On top of the bathing suit she rocked a bright red linen long-sleeve cover-up and accessorized with a straw beach hat. Christie posted the photos with the caption, “You know how you get busy and you don’t make time for yourself…. Well, don’t do that. Make time for yourself… get out of the house, take a walk around town, through the woods or down a beach. Ride your bike, go to the gym. Relax, breath and let your mind wander. Laugh with friends!”

She continued the heartfelt caption, writing, “And if you can.. and I hope you can… treat yourself to a great massage! When I arrived here in Parrot Cay, I was stiff as a board… I was ready for a shoulder replacement and my neck was so tight I could hardly turn my head! Two massages later… I feel like a new person with a new neck and shoulder! I used to think of massage as a luxury (and it is!) but it’s more than that… in the right hands, it’s therapeutic, healing and energizing! And if you can’t get to a massage, get a roller and carve out some time to really roll out the knots so your energy flows! #68andfeelinggrateful and in a couple weeks I’ll be #69andfeelingmightyfine #treatyourself #youtime #therapeuticmassage.”

Aside from these gorgeous photos, Christie posted a video of herself wearing the outfit while riding a bike and rocking pink slide sandals. She posted the video with a caption detailing how magical riding a bike is, writing, “Besides getting exercise, you just see so much more when you ride a bike …even your own neighborhood comes alive on a bike!”


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