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Britney Spears is at it again with her dance videos and this time, she danced for a whopping “3 hours.” The 41-year-old posted a new video to Instagram wearing a short-sleeve, tight black crop top with a pair of low-rise gray sweat shorts and cutoff red gloves.

Britney is known for her intense dance videos and her latest may just be her most intense yet considering she admitted she danced for three hours. Britney posted the video with the caption, “Found my hands with some red gloves !!! I meditated to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by @shakira !!! I just said ‘keep shaking your a**’ and I did for 3 hours !!! Not really punctual and will probably take down in two days … but I think I just found the playground”

In the video, Britney wore a tight black shirt that read, “Love the workout,” in bold, bright red letters. She styled the top with a pair of short gray sweat shorts which she rolled a few times at the elastic waistband to make them even shorts. Britney’s toned abs were on full display in the outfit which she accessorized with a pair of blue sneakers at one point. For the rest of the video, she went barefoot while wearing a pair of fingerless red gloves.

Britney is always rocking some sort of revealing outfit during her dance videos and when she’s not dancing, she’s been posting videos and photos of herself completely topless while taking a shower. Aside from the nude photos, Britney recently posted a video of herself dancing in Mexico while wearing a skintight black ruched mini dress. The off-the-shoulder frock featured a low neckline and was covered in red polka dots.


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