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It’s almost time for Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show and while we can’t wait to see what she wears, we also can’t wait to see her gorgeous glam. Luckily, the 34-year-old’s makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, exactly what she’s doing to prep Rihanna’s skin and get her glam ready for the big day on Feb. 12.

Rihanna. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Before applying Rihanna’s makeup, it’s important to get her skin ready first, and Priscilla revealed how she preps Rihanna’s final look, working in tandem with the whole team – from stylists to set and lighting design. “It takes a long time and obviously not done in one day,” Priscilla admitted. “Currently it has been taking three weeks of preparation. The first step is stage and lighting. I will watch the rehearsals to see how all of this is set up since it plays a part in the final look. Then, it’s consulting with the stylists on wardrobe, seeing what she is wearing to get inspo for the look. Lastly, this is where we come in. Glam is finalized at the end and it’s when we do our suggestions for hair and makeup.”

As for specific products Priscilla trusts to use on Rihanna that will last all day and night, she said, “Primers are super important, but I also like to prep my client’s skin beforehand. My clients know I’m always wanting to do at least 2-3 facials on their skin before the big events. This is my must-have key for long-lasting makeup. It all starts with skincare because if your skin looks good, you’re going to get a more long-lasting flawless look. I’m also touching up my client’s skin with the Fenty Beauty Invismatte powder, it’s a must-have in my kit. It just allows for a small touchup and does not make the skin look cakey just provides it with a flawless touch to touch up on oily skin.”

Considering Super Bowl weekend is also Valentine’s Day weekend, Priscilla shared some makeup tips for a fun date night, first telling us to, “Treat Valentine’s Day like any other day.” She said it all depends on what type of date it is. If it’s going to be hot out that day, she advised, “it’s all about skin skin skin, the vibe of beautiful glowing skin.” If you’re going on an excursion date, “something that’s long-lasting.” However, one tried and true look Priscilla suggests is  a good lip. “I know it’s bold but a red lip looks amazing on Valentine’s Day. You’ll just have to make sure it’s matte if you’re going in for the smooches!” she shared.

Prepping for a big event – whether it’s the Super Bowl halftime show like Rihanna or just going on a date – involves a lot of steps and one crucial step is body care. Priscilla, who is currently partnered with Secret Deodorant, shared how she stays fresh and composed throughout the day, admitting, “It’s all about prepping myself with the Secret Weightless Dry Spray especially since it will keep me protected throughout the day. It has 48-hour sweat and odor protection which is a must-have for me, especially on long days like prepping for the Super Bowl!”


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