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There are many reasons why you should swap out your regular, old pillowcase for a silk one. While you deserve to lay in luxury and fall asleep and wake up to the comfort of soft silk, you could be doing yourself a huge favor by swapping for silk-like materials. Silk and satin pillows can help prevent wrinkles and frizzy knotted hair, while also helping your skin retain its moisture. 

Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcase – Buy it on Amazon

This isn’t just a TikTok trend, OG beauty and fashion icon Cindy Crawford has said silk pillowcases are a huge part of her beauty secret, citing the same benefits mentioned above. 

See what all the hype is about for yourself and get yourself one of the Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcases on Amazon today.

An off-white Colorado Home Co silk pillowcase in a box next to a vertical line of other pillowcase color options

These high-quality pillowcases are made with 100% pure mulberry silk. The hypoallergenic pillowcase comes in many colors and size options, so you can find the one that matches your bedroom decor the best. 

Did you know that laying on silk reduces the friction that often causes hair breakage? So when you slip one of these pillowcases on your pillow, you can sleep soundly knowing that your hair won’t be snagged by rougher cotton or polyester materials.

Cotton and other cheaper materials can also contribute to acne and other skin problems. They sometimes feel scratchy and cause lots of unneeded irritation to your skin. By switching to a high-quality silk pillowcase, you’ll be doing wonders for your skin. 

Not only does switching to silk bring in more comfort, but it can also provide amazing beauty results. So add some simple luxury to your nighttime routine by getting the Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcase for just $40 on Amazon today. Your skin and hair will surely thank you!

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