lol I’ve figured it out. Just anagram every word in this list and you’ll get it eventually too. Great puzzle, Broseph!

Tilde, Grave Accent, grave, backtick, back quote, acute, left quote, open quote, push, Exclamation Mark, Ecphoneme, exclamation point, bang, At Sign, at, at symbol, Ampersat, arobase, asperand, Number Sign, Hash, Pound Sign or Octothorpe, Dollar, Percent, Caret, hat, circumflex, exponent symbol, Ampersand, epershand, or and symbol, Asterisk, star, Open Parenthesis, left parenthesis, Close Parenthesis, right parenthesis, Parentheses, Underscore, Minus, Hyphen, en dash, em dash, dash, Plus, Equals, equal sign, Open Brace, Open Bracket, Open Curly Bracket, squiggly brackets, Close Brace, Close Bracket, Close Curly Bracket, squiggly brackets, Braces or Curly Brackets, Open Square Bracket, open bracket, Close Square Bracket, open bracket, Square Brackets, Vertical Pipe, pipe, Back Slash, backward slash, Colon, Semicolon, Quotation Marks, double quotes, inverted commas, Double Quotation Marks, Apostrophe, prime, single quote, Single Quotation Marks, Comma, Less Than, angle bracket, Greater Than, angle bracket, Period, Dot, decimal, full stop, Slash (Forward Slash), Solidus, Virgule, whack, Question Mark, Eroteme



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