Things go down the drain between two previously close siblings after a Reddit user bans her sister’s boyfriend after stealing something of his!

Sad Backstory

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OP (Original Poster) is a 28-year-old male who became the sole guardian of his teenage half-sister when he was only 20 years old. He didn’t know who his dad was, but when he was six, his mom remarried a guy whom he considered his real dad.

His mom and stepdad had his sister, and he loved her with all his heart.

Life-Changing Accident

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Sadly, when his sister was 8, their parents died in a car accident. With no living parent left, OP took it upon himself to be his sister’s guardian at 20.

He has been raising her alone ever since and has put blood, sweat, and tears into putting her first.

Love Demands Sacrifice

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Imagine being a 20-year-old taking care of a child. It’s no doubt that OP had to sacrifice a lot for his sister’s sake.

However, he never regretted anything and vowed that he would always make her his priority.

Puppy Love

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Years passed, and OP’s sister met a guy! Your first love is someone you will never forget, and for OP’s sister, it was a 16-year-old boy she met when she was 15.

They met at her swimming pool club, fell in love, and he became her first boyfriend. OP always thought his sister’s boyfriend was a good guy.

Expensive Hobbies

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OP was into computers and tinkering with their bits and pieces. Once he could save enough money, he bought high-end PC parts and built the computer himself from scratch!

For What It’s Worth

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The computer itself was expensive. However, apart from that, it’s also made from OP’s dedication and skill; it was a prized possession.

Sharing Is Caring

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Although that’s the case, he lets his sister and boyfriend borrow and use the computer whenever he’s not home or when he’s not using it. His sister’s boyfriend showed that he really cared about the computer and used it with extreme caution.

Extreme Care For His Prized Possession

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His sister’s boyfriend knew of OP’s rules and how much the PC meant to him. So, OP never suspected him of doing something bad to the computer.

Coming Home to a Shock

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One day, OP left for a two-day hiking trip, and he left his sister in her boyfriend’s mom’s care. When he got home, lo and behold, his monitor was missing!

On the Hunt for the PC

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Panicked, OP called his sister to ask if she knew where the monitor was. It was then that he found out that his sister’s boyfriend “borrowed” the monitor while he was away.

OP rushed to his apartment and found him gaming with his monitor in his room.

Trying to Calm Down

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OP tried to remain calm and decided he would forget about the issue if he would man up, apologize, return the monitor, and promise not to do it again.

Unfortunately, his sister’s boyfriend thought he was entitled to the monitor and told OP, “I thought I could borrow it; I will be using it for another two hours. Wait, okay?”

Expensive Mistakes and Broken Rules

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OP explains in his post that the monitor itself costs $1,500 and that everyone agreed on the rule that it was not to be moved from his desk by anyone apart from him. He was furious but tried to control his anger.

No Mom to Discipline Him

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OP just wanted to take the PC monitor back, and though his sister’s boyfriend was annoyed, he didn’t stop him. His sister’s boyfriend’s mom was not home, so she was unaware of everything that had just happened.

Broken Trust

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His sister was standing on the side, watching as things went down. She knew she had broken OP’s trust and apologized for both of them.

However, OP wouldn’t accept it. He wanted his sister’s boyfriend to be the one to apologize since he was the one at fault, but he didn’t want to.

No Lesson Learned

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You would think that OP’s sister’s boyfriend would have learned his lesson, but no. The next day, OP found him using his PC again—without his permission.

Rage Is All He Gets

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At this point, OP has no patience left to deal with him. So, he gave his sister’s boyfriend an ultimatum.

He has to apologize to him now, or he can forget about entering their home ever again. OP also grounded her sister for letting her boyfriend do what he wanted when she clearly knew it was wrong.

Sparks of Anger

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This time, OP’s sister’s boyfriend also blew up in anger. He started yelling at OP, telling him he had no idea what it was like to want something and be poor.

OP’s Sad Truth

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The truth is, OP knew all too well what it felt like. After all, he raised his sister all on his own.

He even mentioned that, at some point, he only had $5 to his name! But they made it, and that’s all that mattered.

Who Is the Bad Guy Here?

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OP’s sister’s boyfriend stormed out after his outburst and called him an a**hole. Being young and confused, his sister started crying and threatened to hate him and stop contacting him after she turned 18 if OP did not take back his words on banning her boyfriend.

Left Feeling Lost and Confused

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OP is at a crossroads. He was furious at his sister’s boyfriend for doing what he did, but at the same time, he didn’t want to lose his sister.

She has not talked to him for a week, and OP is grappling with the circumstances.

Borrowing or Stealing?

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The main issue of this thread is the breaking of trust. His sister believed that her boyfriend only borrowed his computer, but in reality, her boyfriend stole OP’s monitor.

A Redditor said, “Borrowing without asking is theft. If you had panicked and called the police, they would have viewed it that way.”

Overly Dramatic When in Love

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OP is also scared to lose her sister, but many Reddit users say she will never leave and cut contact with him. The fact of the matter is that his sister is young, in love, and is acting out because she is in trouble.

A person said, “She may get mad at you, but hopefully will see past the immature judgment soon. Teenagers are hard.”

Pieces of Advice

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The Reddit community is all for OP keeping his boundaries. One user said, “Your stuff, your rules.”

Both his sister and her boyfriend should understand this, especially since, in the first place, OP was open to sharing and letting them use his stuff.

Where to Go From Here

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In a way, this whole fiasco gives OP a chance to teach his sister that being controlled or manipulated into something has to be stopped, and it needs to be nipped in the bud!

What do you have to say to OP’s sister and her boyfriend? Any more advice for OP?

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