OP (Original Poster) believes he’s the rightful recipient of his late brother’s life insurance. He refuses to give it to his family, but there’s a valid reason for it!

Losing a Brother

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OP was close to his brother, whom he called “M” in this post. Sadly, he passed away a few months before this story was posted.

His Brother’s Beneficiary

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He explained that M had no wife and kids, apart from him and their family. They have a living mom in a nursing home, their dad, and another brother, whom he referred to as “K” in this post.

So, everyone was surprised when they found out M made OP the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy. He said it amounted to around $30,000 after paying for funeral expenses.

OP’s Financial Situation

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OP then shared that he and his family lived a simple, debt-free life. He made $35,000 a year and supported his wife and two kids.

Their Close Relationship

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He also shared that he and his family had a very close relationship with M, and M adored his kids. OP and M also had very similar views when it came to life and money.

OP said, “He also valued a simple, debt-free life. We talked a lot about finances.”

Getting to Know the Other Brother

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OP then talked about their other brother. He said he made around $100,000 a year.

Sadly, he had a gambling problem.

Dad’s Finances

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He then shared that their dad has around $80,000 in his savings and receives about $60,000 annually through retirement.

OP’s Mom’s Living Situation

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OP also mentioned that their dad pays around $2,000 monthly for their mom in a nursing home. The rest of the payments needed for this were paid for using her pension and other sources.

Demanding Their Share

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K and their dad demanded OP give them all of the $30,000 or at least part of it. At the very least, they wanted $25,000.

But OP didn’t want to say yes.

His Defense

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For OP, he believed that M meant for the money to go to him. He said, “M could have split it up on his beneficiary forms but chose not to.”

He could also think of a few reasons for this, including K’s gambling problems, their shared financial values, or M wanting to help him raise his kids.

Requests or Demands?

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OP shared that his dad will also be getting around $30,000 in savings and investments because he was next of kin. There were just some bills that needed to be paid.

So, he wanted OP to pay for the bills using M’s life insurance so he could still keep all the money without deductions.

All About the Money

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Because OP disagreed, his dad and brother were furious. They stopped talking to him.

When they did speak to him, they just yelled at him about the money.

What the Community Has to Say

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Redditors pointed out that M chose to leave the money to OP, and everyone should respect his wishes.

A top comment was, “Not the a**hole. Your brother left that money to you for a reason. It is yours. They disrespect the wishes of your deceased brother with their selfish actions. Frankly, you are better off without them in your life if money is all they care about. Don’t give them a single dime. I am certain your brother would not want you to, especially with how they are acting.”

Honor Your Brother’s Wishes

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The community also didn’t want OP to give up. Instead, they pushed him to stand firm and stick to what his late brother wanted.

A Redditor said, “Not the a**hole. I’m sorry for your loss. If you give them the money, you are not honoring your bother’s last wishes. He wanted you to have the money. If you shared the same values, you probably have a few ideas of how he would want you to use it. Your dad and brother’s financial situations don’t concern you and, frankly, aren’t your problem. Don’t let them manipulate you.”

They Have No Legal Rights!

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One Redditor also tried to explain the legal side of things and the differences between life insurance and inheritance.

He shared, “Life insurance isn’t an inheritance. It is money that goes directly to you outside of the estate probate process. So, your brother and father have absolutely no legal right to your insurance money.”

Any Thoughts?

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What do you think of OP’s problem? Would you give his dad and brother any of the money that was left to him?

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