This Redditor found out his children are fighting over the inheritance he will leave them when he dies. He decides to spend all his money so they stop arguing. Did he do the right thing?

A Father’s Broken Heart

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OP is a 63-year-old man slowly facing the consequences of his youth’s bad habits. He said that he was financially comfortable and could save enough to leave his children with a significant inheritance.

Sadly, their actions have been breaking OP’s heart.

Meet the Children

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He has four children who are successful in their own fields. He mentioned that his eldest daughter is a lawyer who married another lawyer.

Then, he has a son who is also a lawyer, another who is an engineer, and his youngest is a salesman.

The Past Catching Up

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Sadly, he’s slowly feeling the effects of his bad decisions. He said, “I have been a smoker for many years, and the predictable outcome has finally caught me, so I may not have many years left.”

Money-Hungry Kids

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Knowing that their father is sick, OP’s greedy kids show their true colors. In his post, OP said, “After knowing this, my children began stabbing each other’s backs, trying to get their inheritance earlier. Initially, there were frequent verbal discussions that escalated to legal battles.”

What puts the cherry on top of the cake is when his eldest daughter forged her brothers’ signature stating that they have renounced their claim to the inheritance. This all happened while OP was being treated in the hospital, and now, none of his kids could trust each other.

A Way to Stop Them From Fighting

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Understandably, OP was deeply hurt by what was happening to his family. He thought that they would stop fighting if his kids found out there was nothing left for them to inherit.

So, OP decided to spend all the money he left for their inheritance on any and everything!

Squandering Away His Fortune

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OP said, “I donated to charities, bought my wife beauty items, went on vacations with her paying for the better-looking hotel rooms—no planes because of covid travel restrictions, gave my grandkids expensive gifts, bought my dearest friends and colleagues better equipment to improve their work.”

He also shared that they bought a big TV, paid for his funeral in advance, tasted fine and expensive whiskey, and more.

What’s Left of It

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After everything he’s spent, OP mentioned that he only has around 30% to 40% of his fortune left.

He also shared that he plans to leave the rest to spend while he’s still alive. OP also planned to leave his wife a good amount of cash.

What Are You Doing?

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Soon after he started squandering away his money, though, his kids slowly started to notice, and they even started asking questions.

His eldest daughter eventually figured it out and confronted him about it. 

You’re Cursing Our Grandchildren!

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When his daughter confronted him, he said in the post, “I had no rebuttals since I’m guilty of all the accusations she made.”

However, his daughter mentioned something that shook him out of his thoughts. She told him that her children would suffer because of his actions and that he was cursing all of her future grandchildren by wasting away the inheritance.

OP’s Dilemma

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His eldest daughter’s words seem to shake OP to the core. Now, he’s left with a dilemma.

He thought, “My grandchildren shouldn’t be punished for their parents’ sins, and maybe, I was too self-absorbed to realize it sooner.”

The Law

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In an edit, OP’s friend’s son, who also encouraged him to share his troubles on Reddit, shared more bits and pieces to the story, particularly their country’s law regarding one’s inheritance.

He said, “Where we are from, whatever savings the person has goes directly into their children and living spouse; this is how the law is written. You can write a will on top of that, but biological or legally adopted children cannot be entirely written out. Unless, from my understanding, one of the beneficiaries writes themself out of the inheritance.”

OP’s Daughter’s Cruel Actions

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This is, perhaps, why OP’s daughter forged her brother’s signatures. It was a way to force them to renounce their claim to the inheritance.

This also pushed them into legal battles, as her brothers sued her for what she did.

What Redditors Think About the Issue

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Redditors are furious at OP’s children for pulling something like this, especially since he was still alive. 

A top comment was, “Inheritance is what you get when someone dies. It’s not yours. You’re not entitled to it. You don’t get to dictate what happens until you actually inherit it.”

What Right Do They Have to Control You?

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People also mentioned that it was within OP’s right to spend his money how he deems fit. After all, it was his and only his.

One person said, “What’d she accuse you of? Spending your money? That you earned? On a life you wanted?”

Not Your Obligation

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People also said that it wasn’t even OP’s obligation to leave an inheritance in the first place. 

A Redditor shared, “You are never under any obligation to leave an inheritance. You’ve saved for it your entire life, and you get to spend it however you wish. No further conversation is needed with your kids.”

Not Your Responsibility, Either

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Some people wanted to make it clear to OP that he shouldn’t be guilt-tripped by his eldest daughter’s words that mixed his grandchildren into the issue.

One commented, “Are you saying an attorney, lawyer, engineer, and salesman can’t provide for their children and have to rely on inheritance? Tell them it’s your money, and ultimately, you aren’t responsible for their grandkids’ future, and they should be saving up for them.”

How Would You React?

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What would you do if your children acted this way? What would you say to OP to comfort him?

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