This man turned to Reddit after he got into a fight with his pregnant sister. His mom told him what he did was too harsh, but we believe it was completely justified!


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OP (Original Posted) has a 28-year-old sister named “Layla.” They are both married—OP to his wife, Pam, and Layla to her husband, Greg.

A Promise Between Brother and Sister

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He shared that he and Layla had a grandmother, Victoria, who passed away when they were in high school. Because they were both married and planned on having kids, they decided that one of them would name their child after her.

OP mentioned that he and Layla did not fight about who would get the name. They just agreed that whoever would have a daughter first would use it.

Good News!

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About a year before this story was posted, OP and Pam found out they were having a baby—a girl! So, the couple did a gender reveal to announce it to the family and shared that they would be naming her Victoria.

OP then said that Layla showed no signs of being upset about this. He shared, “My sister was not upset about this and jokingly said something along the lines of, ‘You beat me to the punch;’” Then, a few weeks after this, Layla also announced she was pregnant.

A Heartbreaking Development

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Late into the pregnancy, Pam gave birth to their stillborn daughter. She never breathed her first breath on this world, but because she was still their daughter and Pam gave birth to her, they still named her Victoria.

It was too early for her to have been born, but she was their precious daughter.

Support From the Family

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Understandably, it was very difficult for OP. However, we could never imagine Pam’s pain; OP said, “Pam suffered especially bad—both physically and mentally.”

He also said their families were very supportive and wanted to be present for them during this time. They have, however, requested that Layla give them some space in the meantime since it was difficult for Pam to see her pregnant.

Gender Reveal Party

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Time passed, and OP and Layla’s parents wanted to throw a gender reveal party for Layla—similar to what he and his wife had. His parents convinced him and Pam to go, and they agreed because they felt they were in a better state to go.

Things Going Down the Drain

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OP said the party was going great until the gender and name reveal. He shared that Greg’s family was waiting in the garage, holding a blue or pink banner with the baby’s name.

When the garage opened, OP and Pam were shocked to see “Welcome Baby Victoria [Greg’s Last Name]” on the banner! OP instantly got mad at Layla.

She Said It Was Fair

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OP confronted Layla and asked her why she did that. Then, OP shared his sister’s reply and said, “She said since we weren’t using the name, it’s only fair she should get to.”

You Don’t Deserve to Be a Mom!

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Upon hearing Layla’s response, Pam immediately started crying, so OP brought her to his car. He also told her sister that she was “an evil human being who doesn’t deserve to be a mother.”

High-Risk Pregnancy

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After the chaos, OP’s mom is mad at him for saying something like that to his sister and causing her stress. She said she has a high-risk pregnancy, and the situation is bad for her.

OP also said that most of his family had pushed him to apologize and make amends. But he’s not convinced he did the wrong thing.

Honoring His Daughter

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To give more insights into his actions, OP explained that he and his wife buried their daughter. On her tombstone, they engraved the name “Victoria.”

He said that this is why he’s so hurt and upset by what his sister did.

Redditors’ Opinions and Insights

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People offered their condolences to OP and Pam, saying that what he did wasn’t wrong. Their daughter was born, and she had a name.

A top comment was, “This child was born and has a grave with her name on it. I’m so so so sorry for your loss.” Another replied, “The child was born; it just sadly wasn’t alive. This is awful; I cannot imagine how they must have felt when the door was lifted.”

Did Your Mom Know?

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Some Redditors also asked OP if his mom knew about the name. However, OP’s pretty sure that both his mom and dad didn’t know what Layla would do.

A Redditor asked, “Did your mom know what your sister was going to do? If so, it’s clear who is the favorite.” Then, OP replied, “I don’t think my mom knew. She seemed shocked by the name. In addition, my Dad has said my sister shouldn’t have used that name, and I think he would have told me if he knew.”

She Was Wrong

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The community also supported OP and said his actions were completely justified. If there’s someone who did something wrong, it would be OP’s sister.

Someone shared, “I’m definitely going to say not the a**hole. What your sister did was definitely horrible, but has she actually experienced losing a child? She probably doesn’t understand the feeling. I don’t think you should have gone, to begin with, honestly.”

Allow Yourself Time to Grieve

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A Redditor also gave very sound advice about grieving the loss of their child.

He said, “It was very selfish of your sister to drop a bomb like that. Your sister should have approached you and your wife and asked how you felt about it. Seeing the sign was like reliving the fact your baby died. Your family is being very cruel to you and your wife. Frankly, it is very thoughtless of your sister, and your grandma would be very disappointed in your family. Take care of your wife and yourself, and allow yourself to grieve.”

What Do You Think?

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Who do you think was wrong in this situation? How would you comfort OP and his wife?

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