OP (Original Poster) lost her expensive engagement ring because her nephews flushed it down the toilet. Is she an a**hole for wanting to sue her brother, who doesn’t want to compensate her at all?

A Valuable Piece of Jewelry

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OP used to wear her engagement ring all the time. However, because it was so expensive, she kept it in a safe place in her walk-in closet and only wore it on special occasions.

Family Dinners

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The weekend before this story was posted, OP hosted a family dinner and invited her brother and nephews, aged eight and four. At some point, OP was cleaning up the table, and the boys went to play.

The adults were still on the outdoor patio chatting, and she mentioned that her brother had left her nephews unsupervised.

They Knew They Were Not Supposed to Be There

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OP shared that before they looked for the kids, they were in her room and closet, playing with everything—including her engagement ring. Because they knew they weren’t supposed to be there, the boys panicked when the adults looked for them.

Because of this, they ran to the bathroom and flushed her expensive engagement ring down the toilet.

Was It Stuck?

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They immediately called the plumber, hoping the ring got stuck somewhere and they could still retrieve it. Unfortunately, it was gone for good!

Pay Me Back!

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OP and her husband found the receipt for the ring, and she called her brother and asked him to pay $30,000 to replace it. She even emailed him a scanned copy.

However, her brother immediately called her an a**hole for making him replace the lost ring. He also started making excuses, saying they were family and his sons were only kids.

Is It Enough to Sue?

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OP was understandably furious. She threatened to bring this issue to court if her brother didn’t pay.

However, her relatives told her that it was wrong for her to sue family members and that they could resolve the issue on their own. They told her she should just let it go.

No Insurance on an Expensive Ring?

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OP found out the ring wasn’t insured after her nephews flushed it down the toilet. She shared, “My husband says he forgot and, in the end, never actually insured it.”

Just Sell Your Car!

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She also shared snippets of her discussion with her brother. OP said her brother refused any payment plan, saying he couldn’t afford it.

She also said in her post, “He said I live in a nice enough house, and if I want a replacement, I should just sell my car.”

I Don’t Believe You!

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OP added that she doesn’t believe that her brother’s family doesn’t have the means to pay for or replace the ring. She said there was around $250,000 between him and his wife, and they didn’t have to pay rent or mortgage because the house they were living in was gifted to them by OP and her brother’s parents.

She said they only need to pay for “the cost of raising their children, normal bills, and food.”

No Sincere Apology

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What makes everything worse is that OP hasn’t received a sincere apology from her brother since this happened.

She shared, “It was a Canadian sorry. Sorry, not sorry. He said kids would do what is normal for kids, and they shouldn’t be held responsible for a ring.”

Upsetting Circumstances

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OP is upset. After all, her ring held great sentimental value for her and her husband.

At the end of her post, she shared, “I’ve already been speaking with my husband’s family lawyer, but at this point, I’m ready to hire a PI to find out if they really don’t have the money.”

Redditors’ Opinions

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A handful of people said that everyone was an a**hole in this story. They noted that OP and her husband were at fault for not insuring a ring worth $30,000 and that her brother was an a**hole for not being sincere and apologetic and not wanting to help resolve the issue.

Insurance Is Important

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One Redditor zoomed in on how important insurance is on an expensive ring.

He said, “For those of you who say the insurance isn’t the point—of course, it’s the point! The point of this whole thing is the sheer amount of money involved. S**t happens all the time. Kids get into things, dogs eat things, and partners lose things. Anything that you value is on you to insure or protect.”

He Should Replace the Ring!

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On the flip side, Redditors also wanted OP’s brother to be accountable for his kids.

A top comment was, “His circus, his monkeys. He wasn’t watching them; that’s on him—100% he should replace your ring.”

What Do You Think?

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Who do you think is more in the wrong in this scenario? Do you believe OP’s brother should replace her ring?More From Quote Ambition

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