This Redditor’s world crumbled when she found her husband and best friend spooning on the couch. Then, they dared to ask her if she wanted to be in a throuple!

Consequences of the Pandemic

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OP (Original Poster) worked extra shifts to keep her and her husband afloat after her husband lost his job in April 2020.

She admitted that she’s been out of the house most of the day and wasn’t active in bed because she was exhausted from working 70 hours a week while standing on her feet.

Cheating Husband and Best Friend

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She said she thought her husband would appreciate her efforts, but unknowingly, he and her best friend were cheating on her!

OP said her best friend lost her job in the pandemic, too, and that she and her husband have always gotten along with each other. OP said she never felt jealous that her best friend and husband had spent so much time alone together.

Drunken Mistakes

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OP also shared that she and her best friend made out one time in 2009 just to try it out. However, she said, “It was a one-time thing, and I didn’t enjoy it.”

Broken Trust

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OP had a lot of trust and faith in her husband and best friend and never once thought they could betray her.

Sadly, they did. In her post, she mentioned, “I thought I could trust them and that they were just friends. Obviously, I’m an idiot.”

Finding Something That Broke Her Heart

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The night OP shared this story, she came home, exhausted from work, and found her husband and best friend snuggling on the couch. She said they looked like they were spooning, and it was undeniable that they were intimate.

The two didn’t panic when they saw her, but her best friend sat up, and soon, her husband followed.

Going Into Shock

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OP believed she was going into shock. She said, “I felt my stomach turn into a rock, and I felt dizzy. No word of a lie—my body went into some kind of shock.”

She went straight to the bathroom, locked the door, sat on the toilet, and cried her eyes out. OP even threw up!

Are You Okay?

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Later, the two knocked on the door and asked OP if she was alright. She replied, “Obviously f*****g not.”

OP said they didn’t deny anything, but they also didn’t admit anything then. However, soon, her best friend said they should talk about things.

The Truth

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OP didn’t want to face them, so they talked through the door. Then, her husband admitted, “Okay, yes, we didn’t want you to find out like this, but we have been in a relationship since July.”

She said her husband was saying a lot of things, but she couldn’t understand them because her ears were “ringing.” She did, however, hear him talk about a relationship several times; she might have been able to accept a fling or a one-night stand—not a relationship.

Moving In

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OP thought, “Isn’t marriage supposed to mean just he and I are in a relationship?” Her husband and best friend obviously didn’t think the same way because her best friend said, “You missed the part about all three of us living together?”

She clarified what they meant, and her husband said her best friend would be sleeping on the couch, they’d keep each other company during the day when OP was out, and OP could also be with her best friend, too, if she wanted.

Am I an Idiot?

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OP knew that her best friend had to move out of her place soon because, since she didn’t have a job, she didn’t have money to pay for rent. She said she had told her before that she could crash at their home, but obviously, she didn’t mean to have a throuple or for her husband to cheat on her with her best friend!

OP was heartbroken and asked, “How could she not know that? Is my best friend an idiot? Am I an idiot?”

I’m Never Agreeing to a Throuple!

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OP needs advice on her next steps, but she has already told her husband that she would never agree to a throuple.

She also said she felt she had been used and shared, “I don’t know, even if I leave—if I’d still have to pay for my husband’s expenses because he’s not working? Which would mean I’m paying for them to have a relationship, which idiot me has been doing since July, and I really hate my life right now.”

Find a Lawyer

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The next day, OP added an edit and explained her manager pulled her aside to ask her what was wrong. She was also given a day off to find a lawyer to help her understand what she would do moving forward.

OP also said that she asked her husband for some space and that she’s been leaving her best friend on read since everything went down.

The Community’s Two Cents

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Redditors couldn’t believe the audacity of her husband and her best friend.

One of the top comments was, “Times are hard for a few months. OP’s solution: work more hours and take care of both of them. Husband’s solution: stay home and cheat. Best friend’s contribution: make it easy for OP’s husband to cheat by delivering a** to him. Honestly, they have nothing but the audacity. It’s disgusting. There is nothing either of them can contribute to her life. They are garbage!”

Leave Them Be!

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Redditors also wanted OP to prioritize herself and her peace of mind. The two cheaters shouldn’t hold her down any longer, and if anything, they are both the a**holes for pulling something like this.

One said, “Leave his broke a** with that broke b*tch! How stupid can he be, cheating on the sole person who your entire lifestyle is dependent on? Let them rot; it’s a blessing in disguise that you found out their true characters.”

Get Out of That Prison!

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Redditors also advised OP to consider a divorce from someone like him. One said, “Drop the both of them completely. It is totally on them—not you; you did nothing wrong and owe them nothing. Get out, serve him papers, and don’t give him a dime.”

What Do You Think of This Issue?

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How would you comfort OP? What would you say to her, her husband, or her best friend?

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