This furious new mom turned to Reddit to voice her frustrations after her mother-in-law secretly got her baby’s ears pierced!

A New Mom

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OP (Original Poster) has been happily married for four years, and the couple recently welcomed their first child, Annie. She’s currently eight months old.

Her First Time Being a Mother

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OP also shared that she’s a first-time mom. However, though that’s the case, she said she doesn’t think she’s “paranoid or anything.”

Grandma and Granddaughter Bonding

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The Friday before this story was posted, OP’s mother-in-law asked if she could pick Annie up early from daycare. She said she wanted to spend some time with her.

OP said that this had happened before, and they had no problems, so she agreed.

Something Was Off

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When she got off work, OP went to her mother-in-law’s house to pick her daughter up. This was when she noticed that her ears had been pierced!

Why Did You Do That?

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OP confronted her and asked why she thought it would be okay to do something like that without asking her for permission.

It turns out that her mother-in-law had already asked her about giving her daughter earrings in the past. However, she said in her post, “I wasn’t going to put my baby in pain for something cosmetic. Also, I think babies look weird with earrings.”

You Should Be Grateful!

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Her mother-in-law already knew that she didn’t want to pierce her daughter’s ears. But instead of apologizing, she told OP she should thank her because she didn’t have to see her daughter in pain.

OP’s anger started rising, and she shared in her post, “Apparently, my baby’s pain only exists when I’m there to see it. I told her she had absolutely no right to go against my feelings on the matter.”

Did She Have the Right?

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However, her mother-in-law argued and told her that since she trusted her to pick Annie up from daycare, OP was automatically trusting her to make decisions like that.

Her Anger Was Blowing Up

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OP was even more furious when she found out that Annie’s ears had been pierced at “some cheap jewelry store in the mall.”

She said, “If I were going to pierce her ears, I’d have taken her somewhere with professional piercers.”

Her Husband’s Reaction

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Thankfully, her husband took her side. When she told him what had happened, he was furious with his mom, too.

He called her to express his anger, and then OP’s mother-in-law said that OP was turning her son against her.

Changing up Their Dynamics

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Because of what had happened, OP’s husband told his mom he was removing her from the list of approved pick-up people from Annie’s daycare.

Her husband also told his mom that he didn’t trust her anymore.

Her Apology

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OP then said that her mother-in-law sent her an apology over Facebook. In the message, she expressed her desire to still spend some time with Annie.

She also said that she hadn’t expected OP to have “such a dramatic reaction.”

Not My Intention

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In an edit, OP shared snippets of her mother-in-law’s apology.

Her mom-in-law said, “I know that you’re mad at me, and I want you to know that was never my intention. I love Annie with all my heart, and you know I would never do anything that would hurt her.”

An Overdramatic Statement

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There was also a part where OP’s mother-in-law said that she was devastated and heartbroken when OP’s husband said she couldn’t see her granddaughter anymore.

However, OP wanted to clarify that her husband never said that. He only said that she couldn’t be alone with Annie.

Can We Move Past This?

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OP’s mother-in-law also reiterated that she didn’t mean any harm, but she didn’t expect OP to react in such a way.

In the letter, she said, “I feel like I’m being treated like a child abuser. It also hurts that you apparently think I’m not entitled to any say over my granddaughter. It takes a village to raise a child. Once again, I did not mean to upset you, and hope we can move past this.”

A Family Feud

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OP is left feeling confused; she doesn’t know what to do moving forward. She said she’d hate to cause a family feud, but she doesn’t trust her mother-in-law to be alone with her daughter anymore.

What Do You Think?

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What do you think OP should do? Does her mother-in-law deserve forgiveness?

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