This Redditor feels terrible because of her big fight with her little sister. However, little does she know that she’s only playing sneaky and dirty tricks on her!

Legal Tenant of the Unit

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OP (Original Poster) is a 27-year-old woman who lives with her 19-year-old sister. Because she’s not an adult yet, OP is technically—and legally—the rightful tenant of their apartment.

OP also pays for the bills, utilities, and more than half of their rent. She mentioned her sister only pays around $400 for a $955 lease.

Not a Great Housemate

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Two weeks before the story was posted, OP and her sister argued with their mom about OP’s sister not being a good housemate. She says the topics brought up were her not contributing to some utility bills, not cleaning up after herself, and more.

After their argument, OP’s sister went to visit her 19-year-old boyfriend at the bakery he works at.

Not the Guy She’d Like for Her Sister

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OP then said that she didn’t particularly like her sister’s boyfriend, as they’ve had some disagreements in the past.

This includes her sister’s boyfriend smoking in their apartment, putting her at risk for eviction. She also says that he leaves trash all over the unit whenever he stays over—-which was usually a few days at a time.

We Need to Talk

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After OP’s argument with her sister, she receives a text from her sister’s boyfriend at midnight. The text said that OP needed to call him.

However, OP didn’t reply to the message. She said that she was upset then and wanted to be calm before talking with anyone.

Uninvited Guest

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At around one in the morning or later, OP’s sister’s boyfriend entered their apartment with her sister. OP was already ready for bed, in her sleepwear, and had all the lights off.

She wasn’t in a state where she could readily defend herself when her sister’s boyfriend suddenly started pounding on her door.

A Late-Night Intruder

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Unfortunately, OP’s door doesn’t lock. So, before she could fully understand what was happening, her sister’s boyfriend had already entered her room and started yelling at her about allowing their mom to get in between her and her sister.

OP was scared but didn’t cower in fear. She said it was none of his business, and the issue was between her, her sister, and their mom.

Have a Nice Life!

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After OP said that, her sister’s boyfriend went further into her room and threw the keys her sister gave him by her nightstand. Then he shouted, “Have a nice effing life!”

After that, he left and slammed the door—not even allowing OP to respond to what he just did.

Not Feeling Safe

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With everything that happened, OP told her sister that she was no longer comfortable with having her boyfriend over in their apartment. They had their first fight about it the night OP posted this story.

Irrational and Selfish, or Want to Feel Safe?

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Despite their fight, OP held her ground and reiterated that she didn’t want him over. On the other hand, her sister said she was being selfish and irrational.

She continued, saying that OP was destroying her mental health by banning her boyfriend from the apartment. However, OP really doesn’t feel comfortable, and in her head, she knows that it is technically her apartment.

Fixing What Needed to Be Fixed

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The initial comments OP received from the thread made her feel heard and understood, so she took the step needed to fix what needed to be fixed. She told her sister that she’d have to move to her dad’s for a while, while she patched things up.

She also mentioned that if her boyfriend came over—with or without her at home—she would call the cops on him for trespassing. OP believes this was a wake-up call for her sister; she thinks this made her sister believe she was getting kicked out over a boy and that her sister would not bend.

Turning Point?

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Three days after that, OP’s sister approached her and apologized. She also mentioned that she would be packing her boyfriend’s things to return them to him.

Her sister also said her boyfriend would never be coming over again.

Clearing Things Up

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OP also wanted to take this time to have a heart-to-heart talk with her. She told her that it was their first big argument and that their sister acted like a brat.

OP also added that it was unfair for her sister to accuse her of destroying her mental health while she disregarded OP’s own mental health.

Think Again

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OP thought the issue had already been resolved. She said she allowed her sister to stay with her, but they both had to start looking for their own apartments.

However, OP needs to think about things again.

Told You So

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Sadly, OP soon found out that her sister—again—snuck her boyfriend into the house while OP was at work. She mentioned they tried to hide from her Ring camera, but she still had two clear shots of her sister’s boyfriend entering the apartment and leaving two hours later.

Get Out of My House!

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OP was livid! Her sister was not even apologetic for lying and betraying her, so OP told her to get out of the apartment.

She then said it would be best if her sister lived with her grandpa. OP was shaking with anger and hurt, and now she feels numb because of everything that transpired.

What Redditors Have to Say

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People tried to comfort OP and say that she wasn’t overreacting for feeling unsafe because of her sister’s boyfriend. In fact, many advised her to change her locks!

A Redditor also said, “Do not put your living arrangements at risk for your sister’s relationship; do not expect a 19-year-old to be mature enough to understand the situation. More so, the dude acted aggressively, so he needs to stay away. You are not the maid or their parent to pay their bills; you did more than enough for your sister until now.”

It’s Your Space!

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The community also reminded OP that, no matter what, the most important thing is that she feels safe in her own space.

A woman shared, “This man violated your space; he made you feel unsafe. There is no way you should feel unsafe in your space!”

What Would You Say?

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Is there any other advice you want to give to OP? How would you feel if the same thing happened to you?

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