A Redditor aired his frustrations online after his girlfriend sold his Ford truck without his knowledge. You wouldn’t believe how petty her reason was!

OP and His Girlfriend

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OP (Original Poster) and his girlfriend have known each other for around four years. In 2021, they started dating.

However, they recently got into a petty argument.

The Couple’s Bickering

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Per OP, he and his girlfriend argued over him “not taking care of their cats.” He shared that he worked almost all day and took some time to rest.

Even so, OP said that he cared about their cats.

Their Arrangement

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OP explained that he and his girlfriend had an agreement—OP “put bread on the table” while his girlfriend “gets the house chores done.” His girlfriend didn’t work, and they have always done things this way.

So, OP believed that his girlfriend was being “petty.”

Meeting Up With a Friend

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The day their argument happened, OP met up with a friend he hadn’t seen in five years. He said he doesn’t drink heavily or often, so it was basically a one-time thing.

Coming Home to a Nightmare

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When OP returned from the bar, he noticed that his pickup truck wasn’t where it should be. So, OP turned to his girlfriend and asked her about it.

Surprisingly, she was honest and told OP what she had done.

Say Goodbye to Your Truck

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OP shared, “She got the pickup truck, went to a junkyard, and sold it! Worst part? She sold it for $400!”

He said the truck was in pristine condition. However, that isn’t the worst part of this issue; the truck is a family heirloom!

1972 Ford F-100

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OP said that his truck was a 1972 Ford F-100 that has been passed down for generations—from his grandfather to his father and, finally, to him. He treasured the truck so much that he doesn’t use it often apart from work.

Forging Signatures

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In an edit, OP explained how his girlfriend had possibly been able to pull this off.

He said, “The signature was forged by my girlfriend, from what I know at the moment, or the junkyard guy just took it because it was a $9,600 profit.”

Packing Up and Leaving

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When OP found out about what his girlfriend had done, he packed up his stuff. He picked up his cat, told his girlfriend they were done, and left.

He mentioned, “I’ve been getting calls from her, her family, and friends every day calling me names.”

I Just Want My Truck Back

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OP had talked to his cousin, who was a lawyer, about it and was told that he’d have a solid case about it should he go to court. However, he doubted the police would do anything to help him because of his past experiences with them.

He said that he just wanted his truck back.

Trying to Make Amends?

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He also shared that his girlfriend came knocking on his door. However, he ignored her.

In his post, he said, “I ignored her—don’t want anything to do with that b***h anymore.”

His Dad’s Reaction

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Given that the truck’s a family heirloom, OP said his father was sad about how things turned out.

He shared, “My dad also got the news and was super sad, considering that truck was pretty much the family’s breadwinner for about 30 years.”

Finding the 1972 Ford F-100

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With his effort and friends’ help, OP found the truck in a nearby junkyard and repurchased it for $400. He was happy he found it but was also sad that there had been a lot of damage done to the truck; it seemed his girlfriend also broke the brake fluid line.

No Escape

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OP ended by saying that he had decided to file a police report. Also, he said that his girlfriend had been “charged with a C1F for GTA and fined $5,000.”

Even with the fine, OP has no plans of stopping the lawsuit.

What Redditors Think

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Most Redditors pushed OP to file a lawsuit, which he thankfully listened to. Some couldn’t believe all this happened for a petty reason and told OP that he did the right thing.

One person said, “It’s illegal to sell someone’s property when it’s not yours. The truck had sentimental value. And all over an argument about a cat? I love cats, but I love someone I can trust more. You’re not in the wrong. I would do the same thing.”

She’s Horrible!

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A user also expressed how appalled he is by OP’s girlfriend’s actions. He said, “She forged your signature on the title? Call the police and make a report. I’d be so mad if someone did that to me. She is a horrible human.”

People are also telling OP that the person who bought his truck from his girlfriend should be sued, too. One said, “How the heck did she sell the truck without a title? Sue whoever bought it; that’s illegal.”

What Do You Think?

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Do you think OP was wrong to sue his girlfriend? What other advice would you give him?

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