House-sitting had gone badly for this Redditor when he returned and learned that his expensive electric scooter had been stolen. He wants to be paid back, but his sister stubbornly refuses!

Prized Possession

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OP (Original Poster) bought an EMOVE Cruiser last year. It’s an electric scooter that he uses almost every day to get to work.

He mentioned that he spent around $1,500 on the scooter itself but added some mods to it, making the total value of the scooter reach up to $2,000. 

Bubbly House-Sitters

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He continued and said that a month before this story was posted, he had his sister and nephew over to house-sit because he had a week-long business trip. OP said that he always offered to pay them for the task, but they refused since they loved the change of scenery and always thought of house-sitting as a mini-vacation.

So, OP lets them have a run of the house and leaves them money for meals. In exchange, they water his plants and take care of his pets.

A Curious Nephew

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OP’s nephew is a 13-year-old who has always been curious about his electric scooter. However, OP explicitly mentioned that the scooter is not for kids because it is extremely fast and dangerous.

He specifically told his nephew that he was forbidden from riding it, and he made sure his sister, his nephew’s mom, also knew about the rule.

Going Against the Rules

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OP then returns from his business trip and comes face-to-face with his sister. She told him she was sure he would be mad because his nephew had taken the scooter for a ride, left it unattended, and had it stolen!

Given how important it was for him, OP was “f*****g pissed and asked them to leave.”

Payback Time!

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OP also told his sister that they had to pay him back. However, his sister pleaded with him and told him they couldn’t afford it.

She said it was a mistake that could easily be solved by OP’s nephew doing some chores around the house.

It’s Our Vacation Money!

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OP didn’t see eye to eye with his sister and said that his nephew doing chores wouldn’t replace his scooter. She then tried to plead with him again and said that she couldn’t pay for it because doing so meant taking money out of their family’s vacation fund for the year.

Upon hearing that, OP said, “Tough s**t!”

Parents Getting Involved

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Their argument went on, and soon, their parents got involved; they said he was taking things too far. They mentioned that it was only right for him to be paid back and for his nephew to learn his lesson.

However, they think that making OP’s sister pay for the scooter using their family’s vacation money was petty and simply cruel.

Can We Set up a Payment Plan?

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OP’s parents also suggested they do a payment plan. However, OP adamantly refused since he used the scooter often to get to work; he had to get it replaced soon.

Any Insurance?

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OP also added that he had insurance placed on his scooter. However, they can’t do anything about it since there was no police report filed.

He explained that his sister did not file a report because she did not deem it necessary. She thought those reports were just for stolen cars and the like and that the scooter was not in that category.

Legal Actions

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OP said he refused to file a report on his nephew, though. He knew he had to learn his lesson for what he did, but he didn’t want his nephew to get into legal trouble.

He continued and said, “He needs to be taught a harsh lesson, but jail time and a record aren’t one of them. At least, not in this instance.”

Money Versus Principle

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Finally, OP ended his story by saying that he would take the time to calm down and think about what punishment his nephew must face. He said he would probably take on the payment plan but also insist on interest.

He mentioned, “It’s not about the money; it’s about the principle.”

What the Community Thinks

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Redditors agree with OP that taking money out of his sister’s family vacation is not uncalled for.

A top comment was, “If replacing the scooter meant they’d have to use money reserved for basic necessities—rent or mortgage, food, and utilities—then I’d say you may want to reconsider the payment plan option. But if they’re upset because they can’t take a vacation this year because of this, then tough s**t.”

Perfect Punishment

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People also shared their sentiments about the appropriate punishment for his nephew. One said, “Sounds like not going on vacation would be a perfect punishment for the kid.”

Another shared, “His consequence is they don’t get as big a vacation this year. That’s actually a good punishment for him.”

They Should Respect Your Boundaries

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Redditors also want OP to realize that the stunt his nephew and sister pulled may mean something deeper than negligence.

A commenter shared, “This is such a blatant overstep, disregard, and utter disrespect of your boundaries. Your sister and your nephew knew the rules—they didn’t care.”

What Are Your Thoughts?

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How should this issue be solved? What steps must OP’s sister and nephew take to make things right?

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