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The winter months can be incredibly rough on your skin, from dry patches to wind burn, to overall dullness. It’s important to upgrade your skincare routine through the colder season, so you maintain a healthy glow, while taking care of your skin! Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Amir Karam, MD, shared his secrets to achieving glowing skin in just days using his KaramMD Trifecta: Rinse, Quench and Illuminate. “You start with Rinse to cleanse, then you put on the Quench, then you put on Illuminate and the whole process takes literally a minute,” he explained in an IG Live EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

He continued, “When I when I developed this, I thought of it as a long term thing for those big components like vitamin C, retinol-growth factors to build collagen over time, because that’s really at the end of the day, what aging is — when you lose collagen, skin thins, gets wrinkled, loses its structure and suppleness. But what I didn’t realize was that what we were formulating actually works immediately.”

The beloved doctor was inspired to create the three-step process after prescribing his many patients a multi-step skincare routine through the years. “It’s hard not to put somebody on a multi-step regimen when you understand what the skin actually needs. You can’t do everything with one active product, you have to put them on a collection of things that are going address discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles, collagen synthesis and moisture and cleansing and all these different aspects. I realized that was the void, there was nothing that would make that process easy for the person to do,” Dr. Karam told HL. “It took a long time to formulate a product that can live in that capacity — I think that Illuminate, for example, has 20 plus active ingredients in it and to get 20 plus active ingredients to work well with each other and live well with each other was a little bit of the challenge from a formulation perspective.”

Dr. Karam explained that people started to give feedback during the research and development stage of KaramMD and noticed their skin had improved after just two to three weeks. “That was music to my ears, because if it actually makes you look better, you’re more likely to stick with it, right?” he said. “You’re going to have faith in it.”

Dr. Amir Karam. (Courtesy of KaramMD)

The San Diego-based facial plastic surgeon offered some more tips to do, in addition to your at-home skincare routine, to get your skin glowing through the winter. “I like a Hydrafacial. They’re great because they suck out the pores, give a light chemical peel, and hydrate the skin, so a couple of days after HydraFacial your skin actually looks really good,” Dr. Karam advised.

For those with extra-dry skin, he also recommended the viral concept of slugging, which is the process of lathering your skin in petroleum jelly overnight. “The idea is that you don’t get the evaporative skin water loss that dries it out, especially if you’re sleeping under a heater,” he explained, while also teasing a future KaramMD product that helps combat dryness.

To get your the KaramMD Trifecta and achieve glowing skin by New Years Eve, visit KaramMdSkin.com and get started to a simple, three-step skincare routine today.


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