How to Improve Your Writing Skills And Grow Your Twitter

Are you looking to improve your writing skills so that you can write better tweets that inspire conversations, create buzz, and build engaged communities?
If so then this article will share practical tips to become a better writer on Twitter.
When it comes to writing for Twitter, you must know this: 

  • You’re competing against 486 million users who send millions of tweets per day.
  • Above all, you’re limited to a certain number of characters per tweet.

So, how do you make your tweets stand out from these mountains of tweets? Well, writing for social media can be daunting. You need some talent, imagination, focus, and a clear understanding of the people who read your tweets.

Here are practical tips to help you tweet like a pro on Twitter.

Know Your Target Readers

The way you would be writing content for an educational website like is different from the way you would be writing for a food website. The two sites have different audiences.
In the same way, when writing for your Twitter followers, you need to know who they are first.

Even though Twitter is a public space, you can’t send out tweets that don’t add any value to you and your audience. What you share should be something that you would share, assuming it was tweeted to you by others.

So, start by identifying who you are speaking to. This way, you will be able to write something that caters to your audience.

This is especially important for business writing. Without understanding your audience, you will be wasting time sending tweets that don’t get likes, retweets, or even shares.

Determine What You Want To Achieve

Of course, the purpose of tweeting is to get people to reply, retweet, or do something, right?
Start by determining what you want to achieve with your tweets. Do you want them to read your recently published article, or visit your website? Of importance is to be clear about exactly what you want your target audience to do after reading your tweets so that you can make your tweets inspire them to do exactly that. In the business world, marketers recommend using a simple and clear call to action. This could be in form of a question or a few words telling your audience what they should do.

Write Then Edit Later

No matter the type of writing you’re doing, writer’s block is inevitable. And there are lots of things that can cause it. You need to overcome writer’s block by writing without overthinking or perfecting your tweets.

Type everything that flows through your mind without minding about spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and other mistakes. Trying to perfect things as you type can make you spend more time on a single tweet.

Read A lot of Tweets

To know how to write tweets that get people talking, you need to learn from the pros. This means researching professionals in your industry and learning more about how they write. What kinds of words do they use that spark conversation? How do they get people to do what they want? 

You also need to read about how to write good sentences with good grammar. There are tons of books out there and articles on the web you can read and improve your writing skills. You could also seek help from a professional essay writing service provider to understand how to write with humor and in a conversational manner.

Use Social Media Language 

There is the language for newspapers, and educational materials and there is a language for social media. If you’re an avid social media user, you understand what this means.
That’s the language you need to use.
Remember that different social media platforms have different languages and different audiences. For instance, LinkedIn has a more professional audience whereas Facebook and other platforms have both casual and professional audiences.

Besides, each channel serves a different purpose, thus your copy needs to serve your Twitter audience.

Keep Your Writing Simple

Remember that you aren’t writing to win an English prize. Writing for Twitter is different from writing an exam.
This is where understanding who you’re speaking to becomes helpful- because it will help you address them in a way that’s understandable to them.
As a rule, you should keep your writing clear and free from any jargon that could confuse your audience. 

To achieve this, use plain language and keep your sentences short. As mentioned earlier, Twitter has character restrictions. This allows you to avoid the fluff and go direct to the point.

Add Visuals

The human brain is said to process visuals faster than written content. You’ve also probably heard that an image is worth a thousand words. Besides, using visuals in your tweets makes them more attractive thus your message can reach a huge audience.

Don’t overdo images though. Just ensure you use enough of them to make your writing more effective and grab your readers’ attention. You need their attention, after all.

Proofread and Edit Your Writing 

Remember we advised you to write without minding any grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. This is the time to perfect your writing. The last mistake you want to make is to publish a tweet for your business that’s full of obvious errors that can be avoided.
To avoid this, you need to proofread your tweet carefully making sure your words flow properly and there are no mistakes.