A Reddit user opened up about his problems when he let his wife’s family move in. Things take a complicated turn when his mother-in-law steals from him, and he calls the cops on her.

Financial Situation

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OP (Original Poster) used to be financially confident, working only one job to support his family. However, he had to take on a second job when his wife’s family lost their home and had nowhere to turn to.

He had to give in to his wife and her family’s request of letting them move into their home.

In-Laws’ Feelings

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OP was generous enough to let his family’s wife stay in the guest house. However, it wasn’t enough for them; this made them feel like they were unwanted.

Asking For More

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Being given a comfortable place to stay should have been enough, but OP’s mother-in-law went a step further. She asked her daughter if they could pay for their groceries as well.

OP’s wife felt cornered and didn’t want to say no to her mom, so she agreed without consulting OP.

Lack of Communication Between Couples

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OP got mad at his wife for agreeing with his mother-in-law, as he had already told her about the bills they need to pay for that month. Not wanting to make it bigger than it is, OP flat-out told his wife no, and left it at that—thinking his wife understood and that she would make her family understand their situation, too.

Pushing Through With Bad Decisions

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However, OP’s wife was not having it. Instead, she told OP that her mom was already waiting in the car.

OP’s wife basically told him to suck it up and just go with it.

Emotional and Guilt-Filled Decisions

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OP wanted to avoid causing a fight and a rift between him and his wife. He also felt a tad bit guilty.

He thought, “I have the means, so why shouldn’t I help?”

Face-To-Face With Mother-In-Law

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OP talked to his mother-in-law, and they agreed on getting groceries amounting to $150 for the week. He even went ahead and told her that if she needed more, then they could revisit the amount, but it would have to be after OP paid the bills he needed to settle.

Agree to Disagree

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OP initially thought that his mother-in-law would throw a fit and get mad. However, it seemed to him that she took it well since she agreed and told him it was okay.

Unwanted Bills and Withdrawals

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His wife and mother-in-law got home from their shopping trip, and upon checking his phone, he found out that there was a withdrawal made on his account for $300 before they got home.

OP was confused and furious. He had, after all, just had a conversation with his mother-in-law about this.

Lying Through Gritted Teeth

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Furious about the situation, OP confronted his wife about the withdrawal and found out that his mother-in-law told his wife that he gave her the thumbs up to withdraw $300. This just made the situation worse, and OP blew up and told them that he didn’t have that kind of money to spare.

Paying Out of Pocket

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OP further explained that apart from letting her wife’s family stay with them and covering their groceries, his mother-in-law also had a condition that required her to have intensive physical therapy twice a week for a total of six months.

To make matters worse, OP was paying for that out of pocket, too.

Tight Budgets and Allocations

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If OP’s mother-in-law doesn’t respond positively to the physical therapy, she would be undergoing an operation. He’s saving and budgeting to the last cent and penny so that if they go down that road, he and the family would be able to afford a few weeks off to be there for her.

Hurtful Betrayals

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OP couldn’t believe what was happening and the fact that his mother-in-law would betray him like that. OP was very open with his budget and what he had to pay, and the additional $150 withdrawn from his account wasn’t something he could afford.

Enough Is Enough

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It seems this wasn’t a one-time thing. As OP said, “She would betray us like that whenever she needs something; I have given it no matter how much I knew it would hurt me.”

Things started going down the drain when OP called the cops on his mother-in-law.

Pressing Charges

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The cops arrive, and OP tells them about what happened. The cops then asked OP if he would be pressing charges.

Being caught up in all the anger he was feeling at the moment, he said yes. Hearing his decision, OP’s wife was livid and couldn’t believe her husband could do that to her family.

Too Late to Talk

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OP’s wife believed that pressing charges was one step beyond. She believed that they could solve the problem simply by talking to each other and paying each other off.

Having Second Thoughts

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Once everything calmed down, OP was left feeling a bit guilty for what he had done. He’s starting to think that he was too caught up in the moment, and didn’t think things through.

Should he have talked to his wife first, even though he was almost sure she would talk him out of it?

Everyone’s in the Wrong

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There are many Reddit users who believe that all three parties did something wrong during the whole fiasco. OP made a bad decision by deciding all on his own without even giving his wife a heads-up.

However, people believed that OP’s wife and mother-in-law were most in the wrong.

Unfair and Unequal Footing

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One Redditor said, “Your wife shouldn’t ask you to have two jobs to support her family.” People even backed this up by saying that OP’s wife should be the one to take on an additional job to support her own family.

Users also fired back against OP’s mother-in-law, and one said, “I don’t think your marriage requires you to financially support your mother-in-law, nor allow her to steal from you.”

Blurred Lines

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When it comes to family matters, it really is hard to draw a line. Sometimes, we’ll end up giving or asking for too much, just like what happened with the OP, his wife, and his mother-in-law.

Whose side are you on? Do you believe everyone made a bad decision in this whole ordeal?

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