Intense first-person shooters and competitive gaming are two categories that go hand in hand. If you´re anything like me you know how important it is to make sure you enter the battlefield with a decent rig, and I´m not talking about weapons or support gear. I´m talking about something even more crucial for the survival of your squad; a high-end gaming PC.

We know that FPS usually do not enter the pay-to-win category, although no thanks to EA Games. However, there is a definite correlation between frames per second, input lag, and in-game accuracy. That means that, by improving the first two elements, the third one will drastically improve. The RTX 3090 is the perfect component to add to your desktop as it offers low-noise efficiency and provides great performance and aesthetics.

Why Is It Important To Invest In A Gaming PC?
To be fair, many competitive shooters today have been optimized for performance, even if you run them on older systems. However, that does not mean that devs have eliminated all probabilities of a major stutter the second the enemy team attempts to take your position or right when you are ganking an unsuspecting squad. I think framerate dips are the major cause of missed shots in the history of games.

Framerate drops usually happen when whatever is going on is more than what your PC components can handle. It can happen because the sheer amount of processing needed to calculate all the on-screen action and display it properly overwhelms the heck out of your CPU and GPU. Sometimes the problem is that Windows decides to start running processes in the background that drain processing power, effectively ending your headshot streak mid-match. This is something way beyond the dev´s power to solve and no amount of optimization will solve problems caused by aging or outdated components.

Moreover, most modern FPS titles try to offer enhanced immersive experiences with better graphics and interactive (read destructible) environments. Today, titles like Battlefield allow gunfire and explosions to affect the integrity of structures. This means added mayhem and massively increases the number of independent objects moving at the same time in millions of different trajectories.

Those who want to stay competitive require to keep up with innovative gameplay and the added processing requirements that come with it. And this applies both to those who want to climb their rank ladder, and those who just want to provide reliable support for their team without feeling like a fifth wheel during most matches.

However, not every computer will do. Fancy prebuilt computers sold at big box stores might have eye-catching RGB lights and look like futuristic spaceships. A true Gaming PC prebuilt with high-performance in mind should only contain the components you need to comfortably play your favorite titles and remain competitive for at least a couple of years. Fortunately, CLX Gaming offers a wide variety of prebuilt options put together by gamers for gamers. Every single gaming rig in their inventory has been meticulously put together to offer top performance no matter what you throw at them. Visit their website today, and gear up for battle.