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Drop dead gorgeous! Brunette beauty Jenna Ortega, 20, slayed on the red carpet for the premiere of Scream 6 on Mar. 6. The film’s star rocked a deconstructed men’s shirt complete with a chic black blazer mini dress. Jenna tied the look together with bright red lipstick, a diamond necklace, and sky-high black heels. She notably rocked her tresses in an on-trend shaggy look and parted her bangs down the middle. Jenna attended the premiere alongside some of her other co-stars including Vida star Melissa BarreraScream franchise alum Hayden Panettiere, and more.

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Jenna Ortega wowed at the premiere of ‘Scream 6’ in a deconstructed mini dress. (Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock)

In the days leading up to the premiere, the Wednesday star appeared on a few social media videos to promote the film, including one with Melissa shared via Instagram on Mar. 4. “If you spoil… blood will spill. #ScreamVI,” the movie’s official account captioned the post. In the clip, Melissa opened up a seemingly empty refrigerator only to find Jenna holding a bottle of mustard tucked inside the fridge. “Don’t spoil the movie,” the actress who plays Sam said, to which Jenna replied, “or else.”

Not only did the cast of the new movie team up to promote the film on Mar. 3, but they were also joined by pop music sensation Demi Lovato, 30. While Jenna, Hayden, and Melissa gathered on the set of a photoshoot they got a phone call from Ghostface, but Demi was the one to answer the call (watch the video here). “Hello Jenna,” the masked villain said, to which the singer clapped back, “stay away from her!” The clip was not only to promote the movie, but to also promote Demi’s new music video for “Still Alive.”

Jenna Ortega & Melissa Barrera in ‘Scream 6’. (Everett Collection)

In the months leading up to the premiere, Jenna spoke to several outlets about her experience filming another Scream movie, as she starred in the 2022 hit, Scream. When she chatted with Stage Right SecretsJenna noted how meaningful the cast of the film is to her. “The last Scream that we did was probably the greatest time I’ve ever had on a set,” she gushed. “Just truly the most wonderful, sweetest cast, crew. So I think that anytime you get to work with people that you love, one, you’re very very lucky.”

Jenna also spoke to Deadline in Nov. 2022 and dished about the movies new location of New York City. “We were shooting in Montreal and it was lovely,” the 20-year-old quipped. “But it was just a lot more intense.” In the last film, Jenna did not have the same content of scenes as this time, which she noted was different. She noted that she was, “only ever crying and screaming on the floor, so on this second one, I had to interact with my other cast mates and give her some sort of a personality.” The latest pop culture icon reprised her role of Tara Carpenter for the film’s sixth installment set to hit theaters on Mar. 10.

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