The number of small businesses in Calgary is astounding. In 2019 alone, this number totals 55,434 and accounts for 95.2% of the city’s total number of companies.

Small businesses, moreover, are a big driving force in Calgary’s business community. As a result, they require the security and protection that only business lawyers in Calgary can offer.

Unfortunately, many companies with less than 50 employees fail to recognize the importance of services provided by small business lawyers. And they only realize their grave mistake when lawsuits and penalties stare them in the face.

Thankfully, it’s not too late to seek legal counsel and protection so you can protect the interests of your small company and your employees. But before you do, you need to learn the five different types of business lawyers in Calgary that can help your small business succeed.

General Business Lawyer
When your business doesn’t specialize in certain proceedings and is not involved in special circumstances, a general business lawyer should be able to handle your legal matters.

A general business lawyer, as the name implies, can give legal aid and direction in any legal discipline about your firm. So, before you go looking for one, make sure the potential issues your company may face are broad enough to not necessitate the services of a specialized attorney.

Contract Lawyer
Sometimes, it’s okay to use contract templates that you can easily find online. But unfortunately, if you rely on these types of contracts for your business, you might not cover important parts and specific details – things that can give you a legal headache in the future.

In such cases, the expertise of a contract lawyer, who’s the most qualified person for the job, is what you need. Contract lawyers can create the necessary contract for any aspect of your business, helping you avoid problems that can be pretty costly.

Labor and Employment Lawyer
If your business involves hiring employees, it’s only fitting to have a labor and employment lawyer.

Law and employment laws often undergo changes, which employers fail to know. But unfortunately, ignorance does not excuse anyone, and failure to comply with new labor laws can be costly. This situation is just one reason why your business needs help from a labor and employment lawyer who will monitor labor laws and make adjustments in your business for proper compliance.

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer
Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers can represent you when buying and selling businesses are involved. With all the things covered in the negotiations, it can be overwhelming, causing confusion and mistakes. But with the help of an M&A lawyer, you can avoid errors and claim the proper entitlements you rightly deserve.

Tax Lawyer
Taxes are an essential part of every business. But, unfortunately, they can be quite complicated, which is why you need a tax lawyer to help you.

Tax lawyers are well-versed in tax reform and may assist you in meeting tax obligations. With their assistance, you may perform appropriate accounting and auditing to avoid legal issues that tax authorities may impose on your company.

Every business needs legal help from a trusted lawyer. Their services might be expensive but consider them worthy investments that protect your company and secure your reputation.

And when you know what type of lawyer suits your needs, looking for the right one becomes an easy feat.

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Originally posted 2022-06-06 12:11:39.