Online Slot Terminologies

Slots are well-known as the most popular games played in most casinos in the world. Though playing on slot machines are calm and fun, many people are reluctant to put in real cash for their online wager.

Though slot games are simple and easy to understand, there are still some things players need to know to increase their knowledge about the game and their chances of winning. Selecting a slot game to play can be challenging since no two games have the same probability of winning. 

Another crucial thing to do before spinning that reel is to take time and do proper findings to choose a safe casino online like bocoran slot gacor hari ini to enjoy the best payouts, games, and comfort. Before getting so deep in gaming, how well do you know the slot game terms as a newbie?

Basic Slot Terms and Their Meanings

Auto play

A popular feature in most online slots allows players to customize the number of automatic spins they want. Players can choose the number of spins and bet size using this feature.


The bar shows the player’s available money.


Like land-based slots, online slots are also played using coins. Players can change the denomination and the number of slots they bet with.

Coin Value

This is where players get to see the value of their coins.


Simply refers to the ultimate prize in all types of progressive slots. The method by which the jackpot is hit differs from slot to slot. Not all slots have a progressive jackpot system.


This refers to extra special symbols that activate the game’s bonus. Scatters can have their payouts in some particular situs judi slot online games.

Max Bet

This option lets players place the highest bet that the online slot permits.


This button gives players access to variant features of the game. Players can often fix the graphics and utilize high-tech features like auto-play.

Pay lines

This refers to the lines where players can hit jackpot combinations. Some slot games have single lines like the classic slots, while slots like the video can work with all variations.

Pay lines number

This is the section that shows off the number of pay lines players have placed their bet on. Some slot versions let players change the number of active pay lines, while others are static.


Usually presented in a graph, it shows the different payouts of the game. All online slots always have paytables. 


This button triggers a spin and ensures the wager has been placed.

Quick spin

This feature can be found in another button or masked under different options in the drop-down menu. This lets the slot bypass all the comics and effects in the spin and show off the result.


When players come across reels, it refers to the spinning section of the slot that shows the symbols. Since online slots are computerized, there are some new designs.

Standard symbols

This is a symbol that dictates a player’s win. Players must hit similar symbols on a live pay line though exemptions exist. Diverse symbols require separate payouts.

Total bets

It is vital to always check the ultimate value of a bet before hitting the spin button.