If there’s one thing for sure about sisters Kendall & Kylie Jenner, it’s that they always go all out for Halloween every year. Both ladies take the holiday very seriously & are always rocking some sort of fabulous outfit.

One of our favorite costumes was when Kylie dressed up as Christina Aguilera from the music video, “Dirrty,” back in 2016. She rocked a red & white striped triangle bikini top with low-rise black & red leather chaps, putting her toned abs on display.

Meanwhile, Kendall dressed up as a Powerpuff Girl back in 2017, when she chose to wear a metallic green & black bikini top with a high-waisted distressed mini skirt. Both Kendall & Kylie have slayed all of their costumes through the years & we rounded up all of their hottest costumes, which you can see when you click through the gallery!


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