Love Island 2022: Paige and Adam are DUMPED from the villa one day before the final after being voted ‘least compatible’ – as Ekin-Su and Davide, Indiyah and Dami, Gemma and Luca and Tasha and Andrew prepare to battle for £50,000 prize


Paige Thorne and Adam Collard have been dumped from Love Island, just one day before the finale on Monday.

The 24-year-old was sent packing from the villa along with the 26-year-old, after the pair during Sunday’s episode after being voted ‘the least compatible’ by their fellow Islanders and the public.

Also at risk were couples, Davide and Ekin-Su, Luca and Gemma, Adam and Paige, Andrew and Tasha, who will go on to battle it out for the £50,000 prize.

Uh-oh! Paige Thorne and Adam Collard have been dumped from Love Island, just one day before the finale on Monday

Uh-oh! Paige Thorne and Adam Collard have been dumped from Love Island, just one day before the finale on Monday

Earlier in the episode, Paige’s mum revealed wasn’t a fan of Adam, claiming she ‘wasn’t buying’ him.

She explained to her daughter: ‘The way you was with Jacques was completely different, you were a lot of more you and bouncy and full of personality, with Adam it seems a lot more different.’

But Paige argued: ‘With Jacques, he did bring out a different side of me, bubbly and all that but there were some bits that really weren’t okay.’

Adam showed a rarely-seen emotional side, saying in the beach hut that paramedic made him feel unreal as he gushed over her. 

Elsewhere, Indiyah’s mum Dee slammed Dami’s Lothario actions in Casa Amor, telling her daughter, ‘It’s the behaviour. He’s not been cleared yet. He’s not cleared in my eyes yet either.’ 

He then apologised and said he was sorry but had been ‘trying to explore another connection’.

The 23-year-old then said in a confessional: ‘Obviously to hear he hasn’t got my mum’s full approval is upsetting but to be expected.

However, Indiyah was soon left cringing even more when her mother followed in her footsteps and called the Irishman Deji, who she had brought back from Casa Amor just weeks before.

She had innocently begun, ‘Deji so…’ which prompted the group to burst into laughter.

Indiyah said in the diary room: ‘Like mother, like daughter. Ugh, when she did that I wanted the floor to swallow me up!’

Andrew told his mum that he does plan on asking Tasha to marry him one day, with her dad Tarek joking that he needs to have a word with him over what they get up to under the covers. He quipped, ‘The salon is open 24/7.’

Tarek then asked: ‘What’s your most memorable part of being here Andrew?’ and with a wink then added: ‘Don’t say Coco…’

While Andrew’s mum jested that he’s ‘totally besotted with her’, Tasha’s father proudly said: ‘You can see it in your eyes, you’re sparkling. First time I’ve seen that with a boy.’

Gemma’s mum Louise and her pal Sarah came to the villa and referencing her famous footballer dad Michael, Louise assured her: ‘Honestly, he is really proud of you, really proud.’ 

Louise admitted that she would have paired Gemma with Luca if she had the opportunity from the start and also went on to tell her how they will have to see how they get on on the outside. 

Luca asked his parents what they thought of his behaviour and they hinted at him they were less than impressed with how he was towards Tasha on occasion.

At another point, Davide’s mum told him that she was a little apprehensive about her at the start but after his date with Ekin-Su, she changed her mind and gives her to seal of approval.

Ekin-Su’s brother told Davide that she deserves the best and her mum then also gushed over their relationship while Davide descibed the coupling as a ‘dream’. 


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