Concerning footage has surfaced of Australian music legend Molly Meldrum exposing himself at a Rod Stewart concert – just months after ‘mooning’ the crowd at an Elton John performance.

A video obtained by Daily Mail Australia shows the 80-year-old TV star exposing his privates near the end of the pop singer’s set at Melbourne‘s Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday night. 

The former Countdown and Hey Hey It’s Saturday star appears to urinate on the floor while looking up at the stage and wearing his trademark Stetson cowboy hat.

The alarming episode is the latest in a string of increasingly bizarre antics by Meldrum, who was a mainstay on Australian TV for decades and friends to some of the biggest names in music.

Entertainment commentator Peter Ford raised concerns the TV legend has not been adequately supervised since he fell from a ladder in 2011 and suffered head injuries.

‘His judgement is impaired, that’s a fact. I’m not making excuses for bad behaviour,’ he told 2GB on Tuesday. 

Radio host Ben Fordham sympathised with the TV star admitting Meldrum faced ‘challenges’.  

‘Someone needs to step in who’s close to Molly and say, “Hey, Molly. We need to look after you mate”,’ he said. 

Molly Meldrum has been captured on film exposing himself at Rod Stewart's concert in Melbourne last week

Molly Meldrum has been captured on film exposing himself at Rod Stewart’s concert in Melbourne last week 

A witness told Daily Mail Australia Meldrum urinated on the floor but no one rushed to clean it up

‘Sometimes it’s hard when you’re dealing with someone as famous as Molly Meldrum, they’re used to getting their own way.

‘But someone close to him has to say, “Molly, we need to keep you at home”.’ 

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were in the dancing area near the front of the stage when they noticed Meldrum sitting nearby with two friends.

‘He pulled out his penis… then began urinating.’

‘There were people everywhere. It was disgusting.’ 

Meldrum’s management has been approached for comment.

In the video, a woman is seen standing behind him, casually tapping her hand on the back of his chair in time with the music, seemingly unaware of what was happening in front.

The reveller said they alerted security guards to the urine on the floor.

But the guards were ‘more concerned about people filming Meldrum’ than about cleaning up the mess. 

‘It was a disgrace,’ the witness said.

‘We all grew up with him and it is a shame he has morphed into this.

‘The people with him…..instead of telling him to put it away, they were just enjoying the show.’

Molly Meldrum has been filmed exposing his privates - just weeks after 'mooning' thousands of people (pictured) at Elton John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Melbourne

Molly Meldrum has been filmed exposing his privates – just weeks after ‘mooning’ thousands of people (pictured) at Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Melbourne 

Sir Elton brought Meldrum up on stage for a performance of The B**** Is Back

Sir Elton brought Meldrum up on stage for a performance of The B**** Is Back

In January, Meldrum caused a stir after dropping his pants during his old friend Sir Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour at AAMI Park in Melbourne.

During his final act, the I’m Still Standing hitmaker brought Meldrum on stage for a rendition of The B**** Is Back. 

‘He’s quite honestly a national treasure,’ Sir Elton said as he welcomed Meldrum to the stage. 

‘I want to thank him for all the love and loyalty he’s shown me over the years. I love you’.

But once on the platform, Meldrum turned around and flashed his derrière in front of the 30,000 strong crowd – sending Sir Elton fans into a frenzy online. 

‘Expect the unexpected (Molly Meldrum) at the Elton John show tonight lmfao,’ one fan later wrote on Twitter. 

‘Not entirely sure why. Not sure Elton was thrilled. I know I wouldn’t. But Molly will always be Molly!’ another person said. 

Just two days later, Meldrum apologised for the bizarre stunt – blaming the ordeal on a wardrobe malfunction.

‘At the start of the night, my belt buckle broke and my pants were already falling down,’ Meldrum told the Herald Sun.

‘And on stage, one thing led to another.’

However, old footage soon resurfaced showing Meldrum performing the same bum-barring antics in front of spectators at the 2022 ChillOut Festival in Daylesford, Victoria.

Samuel Johnson pictured with Molly Meldrum during the actor's Logie Award acceptance speech in 2017

Samuel Johnson pictured with Molly Meldrum during the actor’s Logie Award acceptance speech in 2017 

In the clip, Meldrum could be seen pulling down his pants and slapping his bare behind. 

The TV personality’s has also recently embroiled in a public feud with actor Samuel Johnson – who played Meldrum in an acclaimed 2016 miniseries. 

The longstanding rift dates back to 2017 when Meldrum crashed Johnson’s Logie speech, but reared again in the wake of the flashing at Sir Elton’s show.  

Johnson had been accepting an award for his role in Molly when Meldrum – despite promising not to – got on stage and dominated his speech time with a rambling spiel, which the actor had intended to use to promote donations to a cancer charity. 

In a radio interview, Johnson responded to the mooning incident by airing their bad blood and vowing to never speak to Meldrum again.  

‘I’m sick of him doing this, I’m sick of it,’ Johnson told 4BC’s Afternoons’ Sofie Formica in January. 

‘He needs to hang up his hat. Now.’

Entertainment commentator Ford recently raised concerns about Meldrum’s condition following his fall from a ladder in 2011.

‘I’m not a close friend of Molly, but I think anyone who knows him is concerned and everybody wants Molly to be happy and safe, and everybody wants his legacy to be kept intact,’ he told news.com recently. 

‘He has played such an extraordinary role in the evolution and growth of the Australian music industry and nobody wants his legacy to become all about wild and crazy antics and questionable behaviour.’ 


Fight with Samuel Johnson

Actor Samuel Johnson revealed in January he had a falling out with Meldrum in 2017 after the music icon commandeered his Logie Award acceptance speech. 

Johnson said he had intended to use his acceptance speech to ask for donations to a cancer charity.

However, despite asking Meldrum not to get on stage, Johnson claims the tv host ignored his wishes.

Following the January mooning incident, Johnson slammed Meldrum, saying ‘he needs to hang up his hat. Now.’

Mooning crowds at Elton John concert 

After being welcomed onto the stage at Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour at AAMI Park in Melbourne on 13 January, Meldrum mooned the crowd.

He apologised two days later, claiming the incident was a wardrobe mishap. 

ChillOut Festival incident  

A few days later, footage resurfaced of Meldrum barring his butt in front of crowds 10 months earlier at the ChillOut Festival, in Daylesford, in March 2022.  

Exposing genitals Rod Stewart concert 

Meldrum was filmed exposing his genitals then urinating during Rod Stewart’s concert at Rod Laver Arena on 15 March. 

Witnesses say he appeared to be with two carers and no one rushed to clean up the puddle he left on the floor.  


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