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Thanks to social media, it seems like there’s a fashion trend for just about every look these days, so you really never have to worry about missing the latest trends. It’s always fun to stay in the know about what’s on the rise, and currently, it’s the ‘clean girl’ trend. Before you ask what that may mean, we’ll save you the trouble and let you know it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is nothing more than looking clean. It’s making a statement with simple, solid colors, and doing the most with the least. It’s white sneakers that look straight out the box, matching sets, and jeans that have yet to fade. But it also goes beyond your clothes. The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is also having a sleek and natural-looking hair and makeup routine. TikTok fashionistas are currently making it happen with Olaplex products, and they’re available on Amazon right now.

Olaplex's ultimate haircare essential kit in mini sizes

Get shower-fresh hair in every claw-clip bun with the Olaplex Ultimate Essentials Kit, available on Amazon for less than $30. This five-piece set includes a root reviver, a bond builder to keep roots protected when washed, shampoo and conditioner for the shower and a post-shower cream to lock in moisture. Use them all in order as directed to bring your hair back to that fresh salon look and feel. 

This routine will put color, texture, and shine to your hair, leaving it sleek and healthy. Not totally sure this is for you? Thankfully, this set comes in travel-sized bottles, so the commitment level is low at a reasonable price. There’s no better way to test out everyone’s favorite haircare brand.

The best part of the TikTok ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is that it incorporates more than just clothes. It promotes healthy skin and hair too, helping you to look and feel your best. Use this as an excuse to start that fresh hair routine you’ve been putting off, and look no further than the Olaplex Ultimate Essentials Kit to meet your needs. Hurry though, before this deal goes viral and flies off the shelves!


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Originally posted 2022-06-08 06:24:25.