At this point, My Father is just one of those classic cigar houses that every cigar enthusiast recognizes by name and by label. Many My Father cigars quickly take off in popularity and enter the ranks of people’s go-to cigars once they come out. The best way to get to know these cigars is to try them for yourself and see what has made this such a common name among cigar enthusiasts.

With such an iconic and beloved mainstay brand like My Father, you may have had it on your list of brands to try next, but could never settle on which ones to grab first. As with any cigar brand, there is a distinct style or character, in a sense, that the brand has overall. But when you look at each cigar from the line individually, you can see that each cigar has something very different to offer compared to the other.

My Father cigars offer a great range of notes and aromas that feel distinct from one another, but are still undeniably on brand. If you are going to try anything from the brand, we have a few recommendations that might help you get an idea of what they really have to offer. These are some of the more popular options from the brand, so these are some good ones to start with.

Le Bijou 1922
A true classic from the brand and one of the most beloved My Father cigars, Le Bijou 1922 delivers on its reputation. It uses Nicaraguan fillers with an Habano Oscuro wrapper to create a robust, full-bodied taste. Le Bijou perfectly balances sweet and savory with notes of dark chocolate, leather, raisins, and a pervasive smokiness that rounds it all out to a great balance.

The Judge
For a warm, earthy aroma, you might want to try The Judge from My Father. This cigar uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over Nicaraguan filler and binder in a robust blend, rich in flavor. This cigar picks up notes of cedar wood, nuts, and leather in a warm, rich blend that you can smoke for years without getting bored.

Compared to the more robust, full-bodied cigars of the line, the Connecticut cigar is a much more mellow, mild offering. This cigar succeeds in delivering a warm, inviting flavor profile that still feels mellow enough for an everyday smoke. It uses Nicaraguan binder and filler with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper for a sweet and spicy finish. You will pick up on notes of chocolate and warm spices in this mild treat of a cigar.

Try out any of these My Father cigars and see what works best with your personal cigar preferences. You may find you enjoy them all and want to stock up, or maybe these weren’t for you, but good indicators that the brand may have something else in store for you.

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Originally posted 2022-06-02 07:32:22.