Exercise Khula and Pakistan Triple Talaq Law:

If you wish to exercise your right of khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law you may contact Jamila Law Associates.  Islam allows the husband to divorce his wife without assigning any cause for khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law. Still, it also approves the preservation and protection of marriage. It does not approve the unjustified exercise of the right of divorce by the husband as the same leads to numerous Social problems for the divorcee and the children who consequently harm the society as well.”  10.

Wife Claim:

The wife’s claim for past maintenance, medical charges, maintenance for the iddat period, and compensation for divorce was accepted by the Arbitration Council. Revision petition filed by the husband dismissed, holding, “no restriction existed on the powers of the Arbitration Council to issue a certificate for past maintenance after khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law. However, it imposed such restriction on the powers of the Magistrate under s. 588, Cr.P.C.

Divorce Pronounced:

Award of compensation due to divorce pronounced was not within the jurisdiction of the Arbitration council. A condition that in case of pronouncement of divorce, the petitioner-husband would pay compensation was stringent, harsh, and against the public policy. Impugned order to the extent of compensation was not sustainable in the eyes of the law.

Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Regarding the khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law the factual controversy could not be resolved in the exercise of Constitutional jurisdiction by the High Court.  11.  Column 18 of Nikahnama provided that amount of Rs. 1 lack was payable as a fine if the husband would oust the wife from his house without reason. Such agreement had shown that amount was a fine payable on happening of an agreed event. In the circumstances of a sought of pre-agreed damages, it cannot award such damages without recording evidence.

Column 19 of Nikahnama:

Column 19 of Nikahnama relating to any restriction imposed on a husband’s right to khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law to safeguard interest or wife cannot be deemed unlawful.  Conduct of parties during reconciliation. To the institution of proceeding in Family Court can be made the basis for granting or refusing relief. How the parties conduct themselves during the proceedings, particularly during the reconciliation effort made by the wife, has to be taken note of and suitably given effect to.

Family Court:

The question of the parties, if made to live as husband and wife, would be living within the limits of God is a question that has to receive the full and continuous attention of the Judge Family Court. As valid, khula procedure in Pakistan or Pakistan triple talaq law was a precondition for the exercise of jurisdiction under S. 7(1) of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, or initiating proceedings under it, and as Talaq in question was invalid. Therefore, the wife was not liable to act upon such invalid Talaq. The wife divorced, the husband presented Fatawa On the back of the affidavit and claimed that a divorce had not taken effect.

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